DIY | Porcelain Painted Accessories

I was super excited to receive an awesome package from Baker Ross as part of their blogger network and when I saw these porcelain paints it was love at first sight! I've dabble in the old 'sharpie on a mug' DIY before and was pretty annoyed when even after baking it just washed off so I was keen to test these babies out and come up with a way to use them that didn't actually require "real painting" or drawing because to be frank, I suck at both.

The end result is what i'm calling a candy stripe plate and unicorn ombre mug which of course you can eat off of and drink out of, but i've decided to have them on my desk as a pen pot and dish to hold all my odds and ends. Here's how I did it.....!

You'll need: porcelain paints / sponge / washi tape (or masking tape) / porcelain mug & plate / small container for your paint / scissors

Start by placing strips of washi tape onto your plate. I left a gap about the thickness of the tape between each strip. Run your finger along the tape to make sure that it's stuck down along the edges 

Cut a small piece of sponge and put a small amount of paint in your container. Dip your sponge in the paint and using a dabbing motion, cover the area of your plate between the washi tape. 

When I first started playing around with porcelain paint I was getting frustrated by how streaky and washed out it looked using a paintbrush, it also didn't take too well to being layered up so using a sponge eliminated this and gave a good, even coverage with a pretty, almost watercolour effect.

Once you've covered all the white areas with paint, carefully peel off your tape and allow to dry. 

While your plate is drying, take your mug and put a blob of pink and blue paint next to each other in your container. You want these two colours to touch so don't worry about them running into each other.

Cut a new piece of sponge and dip it in the middle of the two colours so that half of your sponge will have blue paint on it and the other half will have pink.

Dab this around the top half of your mug. You'll get an awesome ombre effect between the colours! 

Once your mug and plate are dry to touch place them in a cold oven and bake at 160°C for 90 minutes or as per the instructions on your paint. The great thing about porcelain paint is that until you've baked it, you can wash the paint off so theres lots of room for error and once you're happy with your design, you can bake it and seal it into place. Once it's baked it'll be waterproof and dishwasher safe.


  1. Thanks for such a great tutorial, your instructions and photos are both so professional x

    1. Thanks Josie! Really glad you like it! :-) X

  2. What cool ideas! I have plenty of washi tape, I just have to get some porcelain paint ti try this out :) even the name is cute, unicorn ombre mug, I love that x

    1. Do it!! If you give it a try i'd love to see what you do! X