Hello! You know how you have rolls of crepe paper streamers just laying around (nope I don't know why either...) there's only one thing to do with them, make yourself a budget mini version of a Kimye's floral wedding background as a photography prop! I actually love this so much that i'm going to hang it on my bedroom wall  - multi functional people, multi functional! Fancy having a go? Keep on reading...

You'll need: crepe paper streamers | sticky tape | scissors | pencil | shoebox lid

Start by cutting a 85cm strip of your crepe paper streamer and roll one end a couple of times. Pinch the end and make small wave like ruffles using your thumb to hold onto each fold. This is a lot more complicated to explain than it is to do!

As you make folds, keep turning and pinching the bottom. The folds don't have to be uniform as they are forming the petals of your flower.

Once you reach the end of your streamer strip your flower should look something like this.

Slightly twist your pinched end and secure with some tape.

Gently fan out your flower and repeat the same steps with all the colours of crepe paper streamers you are using for your floral background. I made just under 100 to fully cover the front and sides of my shoebox which is 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches so stick on some Netflix or Youtube while you fold and twist!

Once you've made all your flowers, stick your pencil into one of the corners of your shoebox to make a hole.

Poke in your first flower, you might need to give it a little twist to get it in there. 

There's no set rule for the distance between each flower but mine are roughly 1.5" apart. As you start filling up your board you'll be able to add extra flowers into any gaps and they fan out to just over 2" each. 

Et Voila!  Below are some examples of how you can use your background! If you have any questions or tutorial suggestions for me then you can always leave them in a comment below or tweet me @thegluegungirl and if you make this then as always, I would love to see!


  1. A really fun idea! I've actually been trying to find nice background ideas for my photos, so, excellent timing hehe :) thank you for sharing x

    Amanda Winchester ♥ | AmandaSays

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you like it :-) x

  2. Hello dear, my cousin also got married at wedding venue in Los Angeles and I used your decoration ideas for the wedding. The arrangement and decoration made the environment romantic and thus we all enjoyed a lot.