Hello Autumn! Printable Pumpkin Pie Recipe

I don't care very much for summer so the arrival of autumn is always a cause for celebration in my eyes. It's the time of year when it's perfectly acceptable to start wearing jumpers, put the heating on and stay in to watch the new season of Vampire Diaries! Hell to the mutha YES!

On one of my regular stops at the international aisle in Tesco, I noticed that they had started to stock canned pumpkin and this could mean only one thing, it's was time to bake a pie!!!!

If you've never had pumpkin pie before, you'd think it would taste of that awful smell you get when carving pumpkins for halloween... but you'd be wrong! The result is a sweet, cinnamon hinted dream with a texture quite similar to cheesecake, topped off with fresh whipped cream - in other words, this ain't no vegetable pie ya'll! 

Put it this way, when I made this before, I was met with my dad's infamous "I'm not touching that" face pulling and head shaking, but once he tried it, it liked it! 

I've created a printable recipe that you can download HERE.

This is the first time that I made pumpkin pie with pastry (last time I made a UK equivalent of a graham cracker pie crust) and i'll admit, I took the cheats option and bought pre made pastry. If they would have had it there, i'd have even gone for pre made and pre rolled! This didn't work though, I didn't weigh my pastry down when blind baking so I had to scrap it and make my own shortcrust pastry which turned out to be easy and sooooo much better tasting!

These are my tips for making your very own pumpkin pie:

1) CHILL YO' PASTRY. This is important to stop the pastry shrinking when you bake it, as is...

2) Blind baking your pie case with a weight inside. You can either use baking beans (available in most supermarkets or Wilkos) or take a piece of baking sheet, place it over your pastry and fill the middle with rice. (This is what I did) Doing this stops the pastry shrinking away from the side of your pie dish. 

3) If you feel the edges of your pie are browning too quickly, take a large sheet of tin foil and wrap around the edge of your baking pie. Bend the edge of the tin foil over to cover the edge of your pastry.

4) Before eating your pie, allow it to cool and if you can resist, put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. The wait is so worth it and it'll taste even better the next day!!!! 

I'd love to know if you try making this for the first time! Don't forget you can tweet or instagram me @thegluegungirl and use the #thegluegungirl too! :-) 

The 1st of October also meant this happened... the halloween wreath came back out and MEGA marshmallows were purchased for hot chocolate drinking! Next up is attempting to make my own American apple cider! God bless the U- S- A! 


  1. yours looks SO much more tasty than mine did. I did none of your tips though, which is probably why!

    1. If at first you don't succeed.... bake more pie!!!

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