Sweet Tooth Keyring Tutorial & Template

Some of you may have seen on Instagram that I went through a lot of my craft stuff and i'm determined to use up some of the bits and pieces I already have before I go and splurge in Hobbycraft again. Whether this will actually happen, lets reserve judgement, but in the meantime, I thought i'd use some left over felt to make a little sweet tooth keyring. It's super easy and felt is very forgiving stuff so if you fancy making one yourself, here's how!

You'll need:

White & black felt (you only need the black felt if you aren't going to use beads for the eyes!)
A keyring chain
Short piece of thin ribbon
A pink pen
White & black sewing cotton

First download the sweet tooth template from HERE and print out. Please forgive my drawing skills!
Cut out the template and then cut out 2 tooth pieces in the white felt.

Take one of your tooth pieces and using the black thread, sew a running stitch very close together to make a smile!

Sew on 2 small black beads to give your sweet tooth some eyes! I like to sew them either side of the end of the smile rather than above. I just think it looks cuter!

Put you smiley tooth on top of your other tooth piece. Taking you white thread doubled in half (this makes it thicker than a single strand) start stitching around the edge using a fell stitch until you reach the middle. You can also use a blanket stitch.

Thread your piece of ribbon through your keyring and put the ends between your two pieces of felt. Keep stitching as before to secure into place. I go over the ribbon area with a running stitch and then carry on with the same fell stitch as before.

When you are left with about half an inch left to sew, stuff your tooth with a little bit of stuffing to pad him out. You really don't need much so don't be tempted to over fill or you'll end up with a funny shaped tooth! Once filled, keep stitching until you've sewed all the way around. 

You can use a pink pen to add some cute blushes and you're done! 

If you aren't familiar with the stitches to use in this tutorial, check out these 8 most helpful hand sewing stitches by Amanda Farquharson HERE


  1. Oh gosh! This is one of the cutest things I've seen today! Love it! :)

    1. Ahh thank you! Glad you like it! :-)