Fancy learning to machine embroider and WIN a super fab sewing machine?

I've just sat down with a cup of tea and watched the new class by The Amazings on how to machine embroider. (If you don't know who The Amazings are, have a read of my blog post HERE!)

I first saw machine embroidery on one of the Homemade Home episodes and instantly loved the effect. When I heard that The Amazings we're going to launch a class on it, I got on an ordered myself a machine embroidery foot and i'm excited to give it a try for myself! We all know by now that using a sewing machine isn't my forte but I am desperate to learn and this project is something that looks fun and dare I say it, like I might be able to master it! There will be a blog post of my attempt to accompany this so we'll see if i'm so smug once I give it a try! Haha!

This class is taught by the very glamourous Gilda who makes the most awesome necklaces and that is exactly what she will teach you to do in a step by step video guide. Laura, editor of Mollie Makes Magazine is the equally glamourous student!

Literally within a few minuets of watching I was itching to give it a go, but I forgot to buy an embroidery hoop! Arrghhh!! I have no patience!! Guess who's going to Hobbycraft!

As to be expected from The Amazings, the videos are beautifully shot, informative, easy to follow, full of personality and manage to capture the feeling of really having a one on one lesson in your own home. Credit given where credit is due, these guys really hit the nail on the head with their classes!

You can enrole in this class for only £18 and this gives you access to 12 chapters of HD video over 72 minutes! You also get one free enrolement for a friend for every purchase so you can share the crafty love! All the details of this class can be found HERE

The Amazings are also giving each person who enroles in this class, the chance to win a super fab sewing machine! 

If you want to be in with a chance to win, here's how to enter:

Competition Details:

1. Purchase the Embroider class.

2. After purchasing, you will receive email with a link to the competition entry. Simply submit your details and you're in with the chance to win.

3. Competition closes at 11:59 on Sunday 15th September.

4. Winner will be notified by email and invited to choose a sewing machine of up to £300/$450

5. Crafters can pin their images onto the 'Gilda & Lara Competition' board on The Amazings Pinterest account.

6. Entry is available to crafters worldwide.

7. Full rules available on the competition webpage.

If machine embroidery isn't your thing, do check out the other "amazing" classes! Sign up HERE and get your first class FREE!


  1. I was thinking about buying this for my mums birthday along with the bits and bobs she will need. She has already got lots of embroidery threads, so she could probably make do with those, and she has a machine embroidery foot, but are there lots of other things i'd need to buy?

    It looks great, I wouldn't mind giving it a go too!

    1. That's such a good idea for a birthday present!! There's a list of the things you need on here but it looks like you'd just need a embroidery hoop, the soluble stuff to sew on and some ribbon! X

  2. That was really a nice share.. Thanks.. It was very useful....Super Glue or Cyanoacrylate.