Crochet is cool! Granny square success!

A monumental moment has happened in my life - after 2 years of trying, I finally learned how to crochet a frickin' granny square!!! I'm high fivin' myself all over the place right now! Remember THIS attempt? Now I laugh in it's face! Take that crochet blobs!

Previous to this successful attempt, i've managed to create hot messes of all shapes and sizes, none of which even closely resembled a square. Now i'm on my way to a full on blanket! Granny chic at it's finest if you will. My word, once you start, crochet is actually so satisfying and quite a good stress reliever. (Once you can actually do it, not being able to crochet a square gave me the rage!)

I have a feeling people might be getting blankets for Christmas...

Also worth mentioning that I got my wool super cheap from Wilkinsons for £1.35 each. It'll take me 6 balls in total to finish my blanket so £8.10 for a huge handmade blanket is pretty great I think!

Now I didn't just magically wake up and be able to do this, I had a little help via Instagram from Helen who posted a photo of her awesome blanket and pointed me in the direction of some great YouTube tutorials from Girlybunches. What can I say, her tutorials made everything 'click' and now i'm crocheting like there is no tomorrow! Here's her fantastic granny square tutorial that I followed. I already knew how to do the basics (I just couldn't put it all together!) but if you have never picked up a crochet hook before, she has lots of other videos which will talk you through the whole process.

I decided to make one huge square rather than lots of little ones that I had to sew together so you can use this tutorial to make the same sort of blanket as me. 

If you give it a go, i'd love to see your crochet! Oh Err!! You can tweet or Instagram me @thegluegungirl 

OH..... Can I also make a small reference to the fact that i'm Laura Ashley's blog crush of the month!! Yeah yeah yeah!!! This made me so happy! A HUGE thanks for picking me!

You can check out their awesome blog (and my feature) HERE!


  1. I love this idea - I really want to make myself a blanket now :) I'll go look at the tutorials

  2. Wow congrats for getting Laura Ashley blog crush!!

    How long does it take to make a whole blanket?


  3. I love the colours you have picked, i don't think i would have thought to put them together but they look great!

  4. Wow its lovely, I've been wanting to learn to crochet for ages, the last time I picked up a crochet hook I gave up after 10 mins of trying! I love the colour scheme you used, gonna check out those vids soon!

  5. What a lovely blog! So pleased you found my vids helpful! I love love love your blanket! Thanks for the mention lovely! xx

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