Geri loves Emi - And I do too!

So let me first give you a brief background here; I first met Geraldine at middle school, and through the wonders of technology, 20 years later (!!!), not only have we been able to keep in touch, i've also got to see her look stunning on her wedding day, as well as see her welcome her utterly beautiful daughter Emilia into the world. Do I sound like a creepy Facebook stalker now?! Geri, i'm your official Facebook lurker! Haha!

I'm super excited that another new chapter has begun in Geri's life with the launch of her company Geri loves Emi which sells adorable bespoke prints that are customisable to celebrate important occasions such as weddings, birth of a baby, naming ceremonies or just expressions of love. I'm all about the rise in young women becoming entrepreneurs, Girl Power!   
If anyone has ever seen my 'Arty Stuff' board on Pinterest, you'd notice there is a trend to the type of illustration that I love and Geri loves Emi is it! I adore the giraffe family print, how gorgeous would that look hanging in a nursery! 
I also love the floral pattern on the commemorative heart print, this is something you would have hanging in your home for years to come. I am all about sentimental keepsakes, these are something that you would love to receive but equally love giving. 

Do head over to Geri's store Geri loves Emi and have a look around. Prints start from £15. You can also follow on Twitter and Facebook

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