Youtuber of the week: DIY Superwoman

We all like to have someone to aspire to right? Like me, I look at Martha Stewart and Karren Brady and think 'yep, I would quite happily aspire to be a combination of you two!'. Well I now have another superwoman to add to the list and she comes in the form of a DIY badass. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the awesome Sandra Powell.

While casually browsing the 'Tube, I came across Sandras video titled 'The Closet Sandra Built' - 2m 26s of admiration not only of her skill but also... THAT CLOSET! So good I just had to share!

If you fancy getting a little more 'hands on' with the power tools, watching her build a (my dream) library or fancy watching her Tennessee home tour, she is most definitely one to subscribe to!! Check out Sandras channel sawdustnpaperscraps HERE.


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