Japanese Deco Roll Cake - More Than A Swiss Roll

I posted a photo on instagram of the deco roll cake that I made, and seeing as so many people loved it (and it wasn't actually that hard to make) I thought i'd share the recipe I followed and genrally rave about the Japanese craze for the cutest cakes in town.

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So what is a roll cake? Well... it's basically a swiss roll. Deco roll cake is popular in Japan and literally means decorated roll cake. You get the pattern on your sponge by first tracing a pattern onto a baking paper lined baking sheet using some cake mix in a piping bag before popping it into the freezer. Once you've made the rest of your cake mix, pour it over the top of your frozen pattern and bake. Magic!

I followed the recipe and tutorial from Dulce Delight who also gives you some free printable pattern templates. I also filled mine with her suggested filling of white chocolate ganache, whipped cream and strawberries. I will add that I made a stupid error of a) over whipping the cream and b) then spreading it onto the cake before it was properly cooled down. I knew this was wrong yet I did it anyway. Whoops.

Here's how my first attempt turned out....

It's not perfect but it tasted great and still managed to look pretty! I'll definitely be trying out some more of these bad boys!


  1. This is amazing!! Definitely going to give this a go! Xxx

    1. Let me know how you get on! I'd love to see :-) X