Glue 101: What one should you use?!

Now, while this may not seem to be the most pretty of posts, glues and adhesives are probably one of the most used and needed crafting tools out there and, well, sometimes its hard to know exactly which one TO use! I know in the past i've had the tendency to just grab anything and hope for the best, usually resulting in either something not sticking properly or making card go soggy. This little glue 101 hopefully will help! You'll also note that I haven't mentioned super glue simply because it's only good for sticking your own fingers together! Banish that s***!! 
1. Modge Podge: The decoupage glue of choice. Not only does it stick paper and fabric to most surfaces it also acts as a sealant and finisher too. This is a great choice for covering paper mache boxes and letters in paper or fabric but can also be used to seal your paint work too.

2. Hot Glue Gun: Handy, easy to use and great for a wide range of crafts. Especially handy for making felt flowers, and sticking plastic animals to the top of jars! You know the ones! I would suggest not to go for the mini glue guns as they weigh absolutely nothing and don't actually balance when you put them down. I end up resting mine on my leg and get burnt. Learn from my mistakes!

3. UHU Glue: Now I have to admit, this is not my favorite glue even though it does stick well and dry clear. This is probably one of the most popular 'all purpose'  glues in the UK and can be used to stick metal, glass, rubber, wood and plastic. You can of course use this on paper but I find it far to wet and it also does take quite a while to dry. If you're making something that you need a little time to position before it dries, this is a good choice.

4. Tape Runner: This is my new favorite thing and I don't know how I lived without one. Perfect for paper projects, simply run it along the area you want to stick and a strip of sticky yet dry (that makes sense right?!?) glue tape is dispensed! You can even buy them in Wilkos!

5. Glue Dots: Pretty much the same as the tape runner but a roll of small glue dots rather than a continuous strip. Ideal for card making.

6. Glue Pen: Another stupidly handy, quick and easy way to stick paper. Allows a lot of precision which you wouldn't get with something like a Prit Stick and is stronger too. On a side note, I would probably only recommend Prit Stick for crafting with kids.

7. Tacky Glue: This is the glue to use for fabrics, leather and the like, although again, it is dubbed as a more multi purpose glue. Dries clear and is flexible.

8. Gorilla Glue: 100% water resistant that is sandable, paintable and stainable once dry. Mainly used for repair work.

9. E600: The crafters holy grail glue. Will stick metal, plastic and wood and because of it's strength and crystal clear finish, is highly recommended for anyone who makes jewellery. You can buy it online in the UK from The Bead Shop.