What is washi tape anyway?

You've seen these little, brightly coloured rolls of tape all over Pinterest but some of you may be asking 'what the hell is washi tape anyway?'. As i've become something of a washi tape addict, let me break it down for you and hopefully pass on the addiction! Sharing is caring right? 

Washi (和紙) is a style of paper that was first made in Japan and is typically made from hemp, rice or wheat. Washi comes from 'Wa' meaning Japanese and 'Shi' meaning paper. 

The simplest way to describe it is masking tape. Pretty masking tape if you will. It's stronger than paper, you can tear it rather than needing scissors to cut it and its removable from most surfaces. (David is seriously in danger of coming home and finding some washi wall art in the office!)

Washi tape makes the perfect alternative to Sellotape when wrapping gifts, more attractive and easier to use - no more scissors, no more huge ball of stuck together Sellotape. You can decorate pretty much everything with this stuff and if you get bored of that decoration, just peel it off! You can also write on it too! 

I personally think washi tape is one of the best crafting supply items i've EVER come across. It's affordable and even a couple of rolls sitting on my desk make me happy, let alone the endless ways you can use it.

I do stock washi tape on Haus of Glue and don't forget you can get 10% off using the discount code THEGLUEGUNGIRL which you just need to enter at the checkout. 

Still need some inspiration? Here's just 8 ways to get you started using washi tape. I also regularly add to my washi tape board on Pinterest which you can follow HERE.

/ 6. Oh Hello Friend / 7. Svpply / 8. BuzzFeed

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Washi tape. That is all. ;) xx

  2. I can't believe I don't own any (I probably have every other type of craft related item!)

    I like the idea of wrapping presents with it. I'll have to invest in some soon! :)

  3. I've only just disovered Washi tape when I bought some the other day for scrapbooking but I am in love, it's so good although I didn't quite realise just how versatile it was! Definitely going to check out some of these ideas (: xx