I bought a peg box on Columbia Road

Woke up this morning, looked outside, and as per usual, it was another pretty grim Sunday. Only one thing for it then, go in search of baked goods. (New Years diet doesn't start until tomorrow so it's perfectly acceptable I assure you)

Me, Zach and David jumped in the car (not such a great idea as you have more chance panning for gold than finding parking in Shoreditch) and headed off in search of Lily Vanilli's bakery (I got her book for Christmas) which also turns out to be off the same street as the flower market on Columbia Road.
Now, i've lived in East London twice, for a combined total of 5 years, and i've never actually been to the flower market. Within a few minutes of being here, I realised i've been missing out! The street is lined with interesting shops and running through the middle of the street is the flower market. It's busy, it's noisy and it's pretty amazing. I'm never buying bunches of flowers from Morrisons again. 
When we got to Lily Vanilli's, the queue was out the door but went down pretty quick. Now, here's the thing... there was no cake. NO FRICKIN' CAKE IN A BAKERY. Alright, a slight exaggeration but honestly, there was a choice of 3 things and we wanted none of them. Disappointing. I'm assuming that they had sold out due to the bakery opening at 8.30am and us not getting there until noon so here's a top tip, get there early doors if you want cake. Yep, thank me later for that advice. 

There is however, plenty more good looking and quirky places to eat and drink plus you can also stop and get a latte and a bacon roll. (David said it's one of the best he's tasted)

Now we all know I like a bit of junk, so my heart did a little backflip when I saw the bric-a-brac stalls. I've been to Portobello market and found it a little bit over priced so I was pleased to see that amongst the expected "vintage" rubbish, was some really nice pieces that were also cheap. WIN/WIN.

I picked up this wooden french peg box for £8. I'm not sure what i'm going to do with it, but I love it. I also bought some kale flowers for a fiver which i'm thinking should last longer (and by that I mean I don't kill them as quick) than roses. 
Columbia Road Flower Market is on every Sunday 8am - 3pm and is only a few minutes walk from Shoreditch overground station. If you've never been, wrap up warm and head on over for some Sunday fun times!

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