Craft kits are not just for the kids!

When I was younger, I used to love craft kits. I would quite happily spend hours on my own quilling paper or desperately trying to make some sort of pot on a battery operated potters wheel. (Only child hellooooo!)

Now, while I love aimlessly wandering around Hobbycraft, sometimes you want to make something without the effort of a) deciding what you want to create in the first place and b) without having to go out and source all the supplies. Drum roll build up for the grow up craft kits! These are just a few I found on Etsy that I know i'd like so I thought i'd share them with you. Not a naff House of Crafts box in sight! 

1. Mini Motza Cheese Making Kit - Make Cheese
2. Tea Towel Embroidery - StitchesandCrafts

3. Calligraphy Starter Kit - Lineacarta
4. Constellation Triangle Tee - DoItYvette

5. Linocut Starter Kit - Linocutboy
6. Papercut DIY Pack - beetlecherry

7. Junque Journal Starter Kit - tangiebaxter
8. Orion Constellation Embroidery Kit - MiniatureRhino

Have you purchased any craft kits recently that you love? 


  1. These are FAB!!

    er... yes... quilling (ahem)! Must be an only child thing as I had a go at that too ;)

    I bought the Linocut Boy kit from Etsy last year for my husband, he loved it. I've recently bought a sewing kit from My Fabric House online too so I'm looking forward to getting started with that. You're right, kits are the way to go when you're lacking a bit of inspiration. I want them all!! :) xxxx

    1. Haha, ahhh quilling has got to be the low point! It doesn't even look nice! :-/

      The Linocut set is one of my favourites, it's nice to see some masculine crafting! It's always good to get them into creative stuff, that way it's easier to convince em' you NEED a whole room just for crafting! WIN/WIN! Xxx

  2. Need the calligraphy one! I was saying the other day I want to learn how to have amazing writing.

    Craft kits make such great presents for crafty folk x

    1. Me too! I've got a bit better at writing in cursive from tutorials online but i've love to have proper fancy writing! Might have to ask someone to buy me if for a present! Better drop some hints lol X

  3. I love the constellation kit x

    1. It's nice isn't it! I have a huge cross stitch that I never finished (2 years later) so at least that looks like it would be quick too! lol x