book review: You Are Awesome 21 crafts to make you happy

I'm super excited that my most recent book order made it through the snow and arrived first thing this week. One of the reasons i'm so excited about it is 'You Are Awesome - 21 Crafts To Make You Happy', is written by blogger Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst. I'm really enjoying these finds and once again, it's always great to be able to support fellow bloggers.

'You Are Awesome' is a a compact (the same size as the small handbag magazines), hardback book of joy, living up to it's name of 21 crafts to make you happy. (I know I say it every time, but hardback books are just so much nicer right?!)

I think it's always fair to say, that you might not always want to make every single craft in these sort of books, but I would most definitely make 80% of the things in 'You Are Awesome' AND use them. The other 20% is purely because they are more children's projects, so if you have some little humans to keep entertained, this is a book you can whip out on a rainy day.

One of my favorite projects is the ribbon chalkboard tutorial and one of the first things I intend on giving a go. I'm going to get out my trusty glue gun and stick them on the front of some terracotta pots for herbs. There's also lots of other ways you could use these, I think they would look great stuck onto a wooden skewer and poked into a floral table decoration to show table numbers at a wedding.

I love the mix of photography and illustrations that are used throughout 'You Are Awesome'. This is an aesthetically pleasing book for sure! I love that it feels a lot like a blog in book form if that makes sense. It really feels like Abbey has stuck to her blogger roots and managed to apply it to the look, feel and tutorials. 

All tutorial instructions fit onto one single page, but before you think that this might mean the tutorials won't be easy to follow through a lack of decent instructions, think again. The beauty of this book is that the projects are all pretty simple to make and don't have endless complicated stages BUT, the finally look of what you've created doesn't scream b a s i c  at all! There's nothing worse than endless instructions or sixty billion steps - crafting should be fun and not make you want to throw something half made across the room in a rage! Worth noting that there is also a template section at the back of the book too. 

To summarise this short and sweet review, i'm fully happy to have 'You Are Awesome' in my craft book collection. If you like homestyle crafts with a modern twist, this is the book for you. 

I purchased 'You Are Awesome' from Amazon at the bargain price of £6.86!! If you fancy picking up a copy for yourself then just click HERE

Tutorials ★★★★
Practicality ★★★★
Design & photography ★★★★
Overall ★★★★


  1. Sounds like an amazing book x

    1. It's definitely a great one to add to the collection :-) x

  2. I'm ordering mine now. Thanks for a great review x