Big fish, little fish, cardboard box

As you'll have seen in yesterdays post, I said I needed some decorated boxes in my life and, thanks to my zero patience, I now have some! Hell yeeeeeah. 

Hobbycraft have a SALE on! HOBBYCRAFT HAVE A SALE ON!!

These 2 boxes were half price (although they are pretty cheap to start with, bonus) and I also picked up a few other things for some up coming tutorials. I felt no shame, no shame at all digging my way through the sale bins. £1 craft supplies, I am all over that s***. 

These were, in theory, easy to make, just a case of drawing some lines, masking it up and then painting. However, my mathematical skills are non existent so working out how many centimetres wide each triangle should be required assistance.

I'm really pleased with how these turned out and now I have a new home for my nail polish and jewellery. 

The paints I used were by DecoArt in Lilac Frost & Champagne Gold. Champagne gold is such a beautiful colour a very pale almost silver that I feel I need to paint everything with!

All in all, a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon!


  1. this looks fairly simple and fun to do, and has been added to my to do list. However last time I attempted to do something like this it was wooden striped letters for our top table at the wedding, and didnt go so well, mainly due to using a varnish over some spray paint that changed the purple pink, but from a distance it looked fine!

    Glad you are blogging again too :)

    1. I just painted it and walked away... no spraying or varnish, keeping that shiz simple! lol I'm glad you're glad i'm back! I'm glad too! ;-)

  2. These look great, I'm a big fan of diys and crafts and these make really cute storage!

  3. These look so cool. I love the color you chose :)