Tatty stool becomes giant humbug

The time finally came when I couldn't put off the "stool makeover" any longer. I think my housemate would have gone mad. (Thanks Gwinne for putting up with this beautiful piece being stuck by the back door for weeks! Haha!)

The photos should be self explanatory, I hope they are as I really didn't have a clue what I was doing and just sort of... winged it. 

Obviously the first thing was to paint the pre sanded stool, easy.
From here on, I had no idea how to execute said stool makeover. Most normal people would have googled, I just decided I could figure it out as I went along. This is a flaw of mine that I always intend on changing but never do. I have the complete inability to plan before doing. Some call that inpatient. Mwwahaa.

The first bit was easy, using some card I drew around the top of the stool and cut out two templates to pin onto the foam.
The next action can only be described as hacking the living day lights out of the foam. As you can see, it looks a complete and utter mess but it did end up in a seat shape. Just. Luckily once covered in fabric you couldn't see my bodged job! I'm not sure scissors were the right thing to use but alas, I used them anyway!
Check out my new staple gun! I feel proper badass with this! I need more things to staple in my life!

Again, I didn't find out how to cover the cushion correctly, I just turned the stool over, pulled the fabric tight and started shooting staples in it. It worked so small victory for the unprepared! Finally using some fabric glue, I stuck on some mini pom pom trim around the edge. 
And this is the final result! It's not perfect but I love it! Proof that someone else's rubbish, with a little bit of effort, can make a nice (and free!) addition to your house! 

Stool F R E E!
Fabric £3.20 (for 1 fat quarter so lots extra)
Pom Poms £0.99
Foam £6.50
Staple Gun £8.99 (investment, i'll use this again!)

Total = £19.68

*I already had left over paint from my chest of drawers and the fabric glue so I haven't added these into my total.


  1. absolutely gorgeous! bravo!! love that fabric x

    1. I'm gonna have to find something to make with the left overs! Didn't turn out too bad considering the foam looks like its been attacked by an army of mice! lol X

  2. Looks brilliant and anyone coming into your home would never guess what it use to look like. Makes me want to find a unwanted treasure x

  3. Looks awesome! Great work!

    My blog: acolorfulcreation.blogspot.com

  4. This is brill. I've got some dining chairs that need re-upholstering so I'll take inspiration from this. Great colour scheme :)

  5. I love this! Shame I don't have the patience/motivation to attempt something like this myself! x

  6. haha love the wing it style of crafting, thats what its all about !! | am with you and love my staple gun by far the best tool in my bag.
    Do tend to get in a mess with my glue gun
    Some of my crafty bits.....