Today was mainly about paint

I got his cheap chest of drawers when I first moved back down to London, put it together myself may I add, and then was so pleased with my handy work, I never bothered to stain/wax/paint it.

Because I clearly have nothing better to worry about, I have developed a pet peeve with gloss finish paint and I didn't really like satin finish (fussy? Me? No!) and after seeing THIS post on Lily Loves Lola (How beautiful does her table look!) I became hell bent on buying some Annie Sloan chalk paint. In a nutshell, the paint with the exact finish I wanted. 

The paint, wax plus delivery came to £37.50, way more than the chest of drawers and really, a bit too expensive for such a small job. So I spent a couple of days pretty much sulking and moaning, before then deciding I was just going to buy it anyway. Today, on the off chance, I thought I would take a quick stroll (do people stroll anymore?) over to wilkinsons. They had a can of matt black wood paint for £3.50 so I thought i'd give it a try and if I hated it I could paint over it, with the nice expensive stuff!

Turns out, it was perfect!! High FIVE for cheap paint! It covered perfectly in one coat, touch dry in 30 minutes and completely dry in two hours. I'm still deciding if I want to distress it but, as it stands, I think it's a big improvement and the matt/chalky-esque finish is what I wanted. 

I put on some new black crystal handles I got from ebay and this is the finished result. And yes... I did get a new lamp... it's not of course the most perfect lamp ever known to man, someone else is all smug that they own that now, but it matches my bed so for now, i'm happy. 

So the question is... to distress or not to distress?

L x


  1. nooooooooooooo

    but get those chalk pens and write little quotes on it :)


  2. Ahh! That's actually a really good idea!!!! I'm gonna hunt for chalk pens now!!! Xx

  3. Looks awesome! I've always wanted to do that but once I get my own place. You should paint your door too that would look cool! You should also write and draw cute picture on it too that would look so cute!

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    1. Don't encourage me with the door! lol I live in a rented house so they are off limits :-( X

  4. I think you need to get some chalk too! Maybe a little distress where it would 'naturally' wear?


    1. Yeah!!! Maybe a quote on top and a bit of distressing! I'm gonna do it!! :-) X

  5. Can you write on it with chalk? That would be ace! :)

    We found our Chalk Paint in a shop in Sheffield and it was under £20 a pot (can't remember exactly how much) so it didn't work out too bad for such a huge job. Plus we have loads left, but I haven't found anything else to paint yet.