Jenny Craig Day 6 and Nail hearts!

Breakfast: Chocolate coated wholewheat flakes
Lunch: Tuna pasta salad (French Style)
Snack: Thai chilli flavor potato bites
Dinner: Mushroom Stroganoff

I got my s*** together and stuck to my day 6 menu plan. I wasn't all that keen on the tuna pasta salad, mainly because it reminded me of cat food that comes with added extras cats really don't want. It tasted fine, this was purely my own brain at work! The positive is I felt full up and kept the food rage under wraps! For now...

I have my first weight check tomorrow and a call from my advisor so i'm not sure what she's going to make of my sneaky fish and chip lunch and latte! Oh AND that salad....

Thank you for the comments of support durning my melt down! It helps to know that you've been there too!

I've been trying to avoid Pinterest as much as possible because other wise i'd spend all day driving myself mad looking at food I want to cook, but I did notice this little nail tutorial so i'm off to heart up my nails with a toothpick!

L x

Oh... and you can now follow me on Instagram: lisaefbrown :-D Fully loving this whole iPhone shiz! 


  1. Well done you! A lot of it is mind of matter, I think we convince ourselves we're hungrier than we are when the food is not that tasty.

    I just posted up my end summary if you fancy checking it out.

  2. Hello! I tagged you at the end of my latest post. No pressure to keep it going, just wanted to let you know :)


  3. That's great! I'm glad your back on track! I wanted to ask you a question about the meal plan, do you know if there is a vegetarian plan? Because I'm vegetarian.

    My blog:

    1. Yes there is a do have a vegetarian menu plan! :-) x

  4. Right here with you! Keep up the faith - I'm excited to hear about your results, and see your nails too!