Welcome to my food consumption on day 5 on Jenny Craig!

Breakfast: Muesli with raisins & hazelnuts
Lunch: Salad with potato, rosemary and croutons 
Snack: White chocolate cereal bar
Dinner: Chicken Provençal with durum wheat

Breakfast started off OK, just OK mind.

Then we moved on to lunch. Oh, what can I say about this!! I have another pet hate... yep... another... instant mash. The texture and taste makes me cringe so you can imagine how excited I was to find a pot of 'just add water' potatoes were on the lunch menu.

God it was bad. It was wet and sloppy, over powered by the rosemary with little surprise bits of crunch.    My food rage started to build up from this point onwards, right now, we were on a 5.

Because I didn't enjoy lunch, I had a Jenny Craig snack bar. There is nothing to dislike about this! But by now I was starting to think about not looking forward to dinner and the food rage moved up to a 6.

If you're anything like me, and I know most people will not be as crazy loco when it comes to food and taste, if you haven't enjoyed something, you don't feel satisfied. Not feeling satisfied leads to hunger. When faced with hunger, do you want this...?

Or does your mind start wandering to... this?

I'm sorry for what i'm about to say.... but fresh fruit just isn't going to cut it. 

Everyone seemed to be tweeting and facebooking about roast dinner which pushed me to an 8.5 on the food rage scale and after I heated up dinner (minus the vegetables again to try and extract some taste) and it tasting like every other dinner from the last 5 days, I hit the 10. Full. Force. 10. 

This is pretty much my face sitting at the dinner table. I kid you not.

What then proceeded was a bit of a meltdown mainly involving me shouting about wanting a Toffee crisp, saying how a life of repetitive flavor was torture and my idea of hell on earth. 

Now I know this is a very dramatic reaction to have but, in all seriousness, I didn't realise just HOW much my mood is effected by what I eat. I absolutely love flavor. I love the process of cooking and enjoying what i've made. Turns out, if you take away these two elements, I become a monster. 

Jenny Craig really isn't that bad, but for me, it's becoming a struggle already. I'm not saying I want to run out and have a McDonalds every day (Ok... IF it wasn't bad to do this, I might give it a go) but knowing your dinner will be ready in 2 minutes and gone in about the same time (and i've been eating slowly to make it last) is just not the same as preparing something yourself and really being involved in the whole process. 


I think i'm going to have to learn to like exercise. 

Sorry to both David & Sean for the evil that was unleashed from me last night.

The show must go on. Steamed vegetables anyone? Mmmmm. 

L x

PS. It is worth noting that the Chicken Provençal with durum wheat was the best tasting dinner so far. 


  1. You are doing about 4 days better than I wouldve done! I love food, and at the moment I am attempting to lose a bit of weight for the sodding wedding, so my diet is mainly consisting of various noodles from the chinese supermarket, ainsley harriets cous cous mixed with a team of mexican beans and some grilled chicken. I LONG for the days when I can bake a nice creamy chicken leek and ham pie, with cheesy mash and oodles of honey roast parsnips with a whole tub of ben and jerrys after!

    Sorry I realise writing about food is mean. for both you and I! anyway, you'll be en francais soon so surely you are putting it on hold for macarons and frog legs?!

    1. OH GOD! PIE!!!!!!!! I WANT TO BAKE A SODDING PIE!!! LOL!! Ainsley's cous cous with roasted vegetables and grilled chicken kebabs in Nando's seasoning with some halloumi is one of my faves! This is also the worst weather to try and restrict calories in! And I *ahem* might have a total free pass in Paris! I mean, HOW can you go there and diet!?! Really I should have waited the extra week before I started but i'm trying my best to stick to it....

      At least you have a goal to focus on with the wedding! That said, we should probably just stitch our mouths up, that would solve the problem! There's too much good tasting food in the world!!!!

  2. I know what you mean I use to eat healhty last year around this time, I would salads for lunch and eat fruit for almost every meal but then winter came. All the sweets and lattes tempted me, anyways to make the long story short I basically jumped off the healthy band wagon and since then I've been trying to jump back on but it's hard. It's a good thing that I like to exercise but food is a completely different story.

    If your craving some fast food look up the menus online and look for something that isn't completely drenched in fat look for at least something below 8 grams of fat. Good luck with this journey I will continue to support you with your diet.

    My blog:

    1. My question will always be... how many grams in a block of cheese! Mmm! lol!! I need and HAVE to start liking exercise... it's going to be my only hope or else no one will want to be around me anymore lol! I'l have to start making sock puppets for friends because everyone else is too scared of my food rages haha!!

  3. I'm pretty much going through what you are...and today I succumbed to cake -_-. What I do find that helps me is snacking on endless amounts of Craisins...dunno why, but its some addicting stuff O_O

  4. Aw exactly how I was feeling near the end, I'm quite relieved to be finished. I think if I was paying for the plan and count choose my own food and knew I would be on it for months I would have had a lot more incentive.

    Funny that you should hate that lunch, that was my fav, I love pot mash sooo much and I love rosemary. It does look like your's was quite sloppy, the first rule of pot snacks is NEVER FILL TO THE LINE. Haha.

    Hope the next week and a bit go better!