Jenny Craig Day 4 & little haul

Breakfast: Porridge with raspberry
Lunch: Chicken & bacon cob salad from Balans with a sparking water
Dinner: Beef Goulash with potatoes

Yesterday started off so well! For breakfast I had Jenny Craig's porridge with raspberry, which I wouldn't have ever picked for myself. It was really nice! Go Jenny! Go Jenny!

Me and David decided to walk over to Westfield Stratford as I had a dress I needed to take back and some how I managed to end up with a pair of "leather" panelled leggings from Topshop and also a new pair of boots & a thin jumper-esqe t-shirt both from Urban Outfitters.

Being out during the day meant that I wasn't at home to make soup and salad. We always go to Balans because a) the food is amazing and b) the staff are just the best! I decided to have the bacon and chicken cob salad, which, in hindsight, might have not been the best thing I could have picked from the menu. If I would have put a bit more thought into it, I should have told them to at least take off the ranch dressing but... well... I didn't. One thing I will say though, is I couldn't finish it all. I'm not sure if it's because I was only drinking water, or that some how I might have got used to smaller portions of food. Maybe a bit of both but I didn't eat it all despite is tasting delicious!

On the short walk home, I *might* have stopped in Costa for a skinny gingerbread latte. I FAIL AT LIFE! I know my justifications of it being 'skinny' doesn't really count and I totally maxed out my milk intake for the day, but I was SO excited about the too early arrival of Christmas in a cup I couldn't help myself. Let's say that my hand was forced by Santa! Yes! I blame him.

In general, I don't drink fizzy drinks unless they happen to come with alcohol. (I'm not drinking while i'm on Jenny Craig FYI!) I haven't been drinking juice and didn't fancy more water so I ventured into the sugar free drinks section of Sainsburys and got a 7UP sugar free. I thought it was quite nice but I have since decided I didn't like it, there was still that slight fake sugar after taste. Gross.

Finally dinner was a bowl of beef goulash with potatoes. I wasn't very hungry so I didn't bother to add extra vegetables. The first few mouthfuls are always a little bland and it gets better the more you eat. The problem I am having with the dinners, are that they are all blurring into one. There really has been very little taste difference between the soup, chicken tikka masala, pasta bolognese and the goulash. It's not that they don't taste OK, but because I am SO into flavors, the biggest thing for me is a variety of tastes and at present, i'm not experiencing that. I have been known to get quite moody with repetitive flavors of food so God help david who has to live with me! Haha!

I can report that so far today, I have not strayed off the Jenny Craig menu! I am seriously lacking in food discipline!! :-/

L x

PS. Here's the link to the things I bought!



  1. Why dont you try getting some spices and herbs to ass to the meals as you cooking them.. :)

    these are good as they have 0 calories and positive antioxidants :)

  2. Great idea on the above comment. I was due to finish my two weeks trial tomorrow but am having to stray for the last two days because I don't like all of the remaining food. I'm going to continue to eat at the same times and have the couple of meals I do like then have healthy salads or something for the other ones.