jenny craig: Day 2 in pictures

Good morning! Quick snapshot of day two on Jenny Craig!

 Breakfast: Wholewheat yoghurt coated flakes and fruit = YUM x2

 Lunch: Salad with beetroot & 1/4 cup of cheese, winter vegetable soup and 1 slice of soya and linseed Vogel bread (best bread ev's!) toasted to make croutons! = YUM (worth a mention that the soup was more like a vegetable stew!)

 Snack: Sea salted potato bites =  A M A Z I N G 

Dinner: Chicken tikka masala with basmati rice & added mixed peppers, broccoli and cauliflower = HMMM... Slightly lacking in flavor as most 'diet' curries tend to be.

Snack: Fruit = Juicy!

PS. Today I felt full all day!

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  1. The cereal and the chips look very tempting.

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