iphone wallpapers

It finally happened... after 2 years of being adamant I would never leave my beloved Blackberry, I caved in and got myself an iPhone! I purchased an iPhone 4s from www.smartfonestore.com who sell them at a discounted cost (Mine was £307) AND i've sold my Blackberry back to Envirofone for £60 so all in all, my new iPhones cost me £247! Happy Dance! 

I've got a case in the post so i've been enjoying myself looking at new background wallpapers! Simple things can keep me entertained for hours!

Anyway, I made a couple that I thought I would share and I also found a cute polka dot one by designlovefest so i've linked to that too! 

{Download via Moi!}

{Download via Moi!}

{Download via D E S I G N L O V E F E S T }


L x


  1. lol i'm still not budging to buy an iphone XD. Androids all the way!

  2. Great post with lovely wallpapers. I love them. Thanks for sharing. en ucuz iphone