Friday in photos (Jenny Craig Day 3)

Breakfast: Wholewheat yoghurt coated flakes & fruit
Lunch: Uh-oh... Fish & Chips... I was at the seaside!! *hangs head in shame*
Dinner: Chorizo and mixed bean soup + 1/4 cup of low fat cheese (meant for lunch!)

Today my mum, dad and Sweep came to visit! Mum brought down myself and Sean's Eurostar tickets as we are off to Paris next Friday for the weekend! She gave me a little card written in French with some money to spend in the patisseries! ♥

We then jumped in the car and drove into Southend-on-sea to see my auntie. Sweep enjoyed herself and got a new toy! I know I am biased, but she is SO F***ing CUTE! Love. Of. My. Life.

Me and mum went into town and visited my favorite shop in 'Saaaafend' called Troll. It's complete chaos in there but it sells jewellery from places like Topshop and other high street stores for up to 75% off! I picked up a couple of things and a ring which i'd seen on ASOS recently but forgot to take a photo of!

I also got some new trainers from River Island (Thank you mum!) and Mr Pepper, my new ceramic pepper grinder from TK Maxx! I love him! Best £4.99 ever spent!

Normal JC eating to resume today! Slaps on the wrist all round for the fish & chips. I have been trying to justify it because I didn't eat the batter OR all the chips but it happened and for dinner I just had the soup so lets draw a line under it and move on shall we?!

Bedtime! Zzzzz...

L x


  1. Hold on - YOU WERE IN SOUTHEND?! I live in Southend! And just so happened to be browsing in TK Maxx with my mother today also!

    Sorry if I'm way behind but are you living near then? I always thought you lived in/near London? - almost 'fan girling' at the thought of you being in the same town as me! x

    P.S. Very bizarre seeing photos of Southend on your blog!

  2. I WAS IN SOUTHEND! We have a lot of family that live there!! We went down the front, and then into town! We might have been in the shopping Mecca of the Maxx at the same time!! xx

  3. I'm so jealous that you're going to Paris! I tried out your marshmallow recipe this weekend, more mix went in my mouth than in the tray :') x

    1. Oh! This pleases me!!! :-D I was the same, I couldn't stop eating it out of the mixing bowl! I really don't like the marshmallows you get in the shop but the homemade ones taste SO good!! X

  4. Awesome pics! Adorable dog!