The end is in sight!

I know right... you didn't expect to see anything more than another tumble weed coming from my blog page but.... the end of the post drought is in sight!

I started my freelance job as the digital media assistant for the London 2012 ceremonies a couple of months back which has been keeping me super busy, but my contract ends after the Paralympic closing ceremony. I have to say, I wish this job could last longer as I have enjoyed it so much!

I also managed to misplace the charger for my camera for a couple of months (it was under the sofa) so finding it again proved a happy and dusty reunion!

Basically, to conclude......

I'll soon be back!

Please do leave me some post suggestions of things you'd like to see me make/review/show you, to give me a little bit of inspiration either in the comments or TWEET me.

Lisa xoxo

PS. If you'd like to have a look at what i've been working on you can do so here Explore the Ceremonies Tumblr

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