Today was....

SO hot I wore my hair up. I hate wearing my hair up. I still melted, mainly due to the fact someone pushed the passenger alarm on the tube meaning I had to stand up, crammed into a hot tube train like a sardine for an extra 20 minutes. Thank God for finding an envelope in my bag, it made a not so bad fan to push around some of the hot air. 

And because it was hot, I purchased a couple of essential supplies. Who says i'm not a classy girl.

I know, i'm one of those people who moans about the heat... sorry, but i'm just not cut out for the sun. My perfect summer holiday would most definitely be somewhere cold and snowy!

That said, the sun does mean it's time to give the legs a bit of air time! Here's a beauty DIY with a difference, i'm determined to master Arabic wax because going somewhere to get my legs waxed would be far too easy! This looks like fun to make! Anyone tried it before?

Lisa X


  1. High top buns and malibu rum = SUMMER!

  2. I am the SAME way with heat! So, I hear ya girl!


  3. I sat on the beach with a can of M&S mohito the other day. always like to keep it classy! I'm getting a leeeetle bored of the heat now too, it was a thrill for about two days, now I cant be faffed to shave every day (maybe will try the above waxy method!) and my hair gets manky in about 3 hours.

  4. I'm useless in the heat. I can't stand it, especially at work. Makes me = :(

    But on a weekend it's slightly more bearable :)


  5. Help! I just tried the wax and it didn't work :( I did everything like you said and I manipulated the hot stuff a bit on my worksurface than took it into my wet hands and tried to work it around like you did, but it just started sticking to my hands like mad. Than I wet my hands again, but it just led to the whole stuff getting softer/stickier until I had to drop it back on the workplate coz my hands were covered in the sugargummstuff :(

    What did I do wrong? I even reheated the whole gum to get rid of the extra water and tried it again, but with the same result. Now I'm frustrated :(

    BTW - I totally dig your blog!