Things I Currently Love!

1) Compagnie de Provence, The Tonka hand cream: I picked this up from TK Maxx as i'm constantly trying to rehydrate my granny hands and so far i'm loving this cream. It smells delicious, i'm assuming thats the orchid extract, and it does leave my hands super soft. I found it available online for the bargain price of €5.97 HERE. I'm defiantly tempted to get a few more of their products just for the smell alone!  I love that the packaging looks quite expensive for such a cheap product too.

2) Oh Cath Kidston how I love thee! My new house keys of course needed a new keyring. I picked this up in Westfield, Stratford, for £4.50 but they are available online from Cath Kidston. Nice and simple.

3) I know, I should be far too old for anything Hello Kitty but I can't help myself! I picked up this pack of baby wipes from Poundland for... well... a pound! Come on, they are even strawberry scented! Surprisingly they don't irritate my face at all (Lazy makeup removal...whoops!) but mainly I use them to wipe off the foundation from the back of my hand after i've applied it. Excuses excuses. I had to buy them.

4) Technic Nail Polish in Carnival & Orly in Hotshot. In general i'm not a fan of one colour glitter nail polish but after my glitter polish tutorial I've developed a little thing for multi colour on black. I saw the beautiful (seriously, have you seen how pretty this girl is!?) Essie from mention this polish and I had to buy it. I got mine from Amazon for the bargain price of £2.07 and free P&P. It does smell quite strong while you are painting your nails but other wise it's perfect! I also pretty much live in Orly Hotshot ever since my swap buddy Le'Chelle sent me a bottle last year. I've repurchased it ever since and it's still love. The colour is much more neon coral in person. I got mine on eBay and it really is my go to colour. 

5) Good ol' TK Maxx again, i've had this Eiffel Tower bookend for a while but now it's being used properly to prop up my books! I love the whole 'shabby chic' look so this baby fits in perfectly in my room and it was only £6.99!

6) Now, admittedly I have only had a chance to flick through this book but Poundland came good again as that's where I picked this up! £1 craft book FTW! I'll write up a review next week.

PS. Do you like my new blog design? I've FINALLY got the proper reply feature too! Hallelujah!

Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday so far!

Lisa X

PPS. If you like my new blog design, you can get the free template HERE from PuglyPixel.


  1. Hello I'm new to your blog. I had a read through your posts yesterday and I love your crafting/baking posts :) I have a post request, I don't know if you would do it, but i noticed you had bought/owned alot of craft and baking books and I was wondering if you could do a post on the most helpful ones and your favourite ones. I saw so many I want to buy, I'd find that post really helpful. I don't know if you will do it but I'll look out for it :) xx

    1. So glad you found my blog and enjoyed the posts! I have done a few craft book reviews which you can find using this link, there is a book review link on my sidebar but it seems to have gone down the page a little bit! Whoops! I will definitely do some reviews of the baking books I have, in fact, it's on the list to do tomorrow! I'll also crack on with some more of the craft book ones too so they will be coming up asap! Thank you so much for the suggestion, really helps me to know what content you'd like to see :-) Xxx

  2. Love the look of the House Proud book -- have you found any projects you plan to do?!