Today I Love...

Be still my beating heart! O' how I need these measuring spoons by Beehive kitchenware in my life like... NOW! Swoon swoon. (If you're reading this mum.... Easter... *wink wink*) Buy them from Etsy HERE! I'm sure they would improve my baking ten fold!

Also I would LOVE it if you could check out the besties cover of 'Miss You' by Beyonce & Frank Ocean. You'll be hearing a lot about him this year and he really does deserve all the success that's coming his way! He's an amazing singer but an even more amazing friend! Ahhhh! (Don't worry, i'll abuse him later to compensate for that burst of niceness! Mwwahaha!)

Subscribe, comment, like and also tweet him on Twitter @zachlondon (and tell him to post a photo of his new hair!)

AND getting parcels! Yes... I have had a slight lapse in my 'no paypal for lent' promise :-s

I can see myself becoming a cookie cutter hoarder in no time! The Hello Kitty cutter alone needs a photo all by itself!

Lisa X


  1. Yay Hello Kitty! Can't wait to see the cookies!

  2. You're never too old for a bit of Hello Kitty I say! :-) Xx