Time to think about... EASTER!

When I was little, I used to be SO excited to come downstairs Easter morning, as I knew I would find a letter from the Easter Bunny, leaving me clues to follow around the house and garden to uncover my easter eggs! (Thanks mum!)

Amazing Easter tree images from Bees & Appletrees

I think it's that memory that always leaves me with an excited feeling about Easter and the subsequent want to decorate for the occasion! This year I might even whip out the pink Christmas tree and make it easter themed! 

Over the next couple of weeks i'll be posting some Easter inspired DIY's but there's a few to get you started! Everything looks cute in pastel!!

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  1. Gorgeous photos. Getting me all ready for easter now. Love the glitter pastel eggs xx


  2. I sooo need to make the Easter bunny bark! How cute! x

  3. those treats in the bucket...OMG! They look soo yummy! haha =D

  4. OMG!! I want to make glittery eggs...now!

    Do you think I'd get away with just hanging a bag of Asda's ready prepared carrots on my door? Or is that just wrong?! Tee heeeee :D xx

  5. Decorating for Easter never crosses my mind, and now I'm thinking I may have missed out on 20 years of Easter decorations. They're amazing, love the carrots! (: x