DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

This morning when I opened my makeup brush draw I realised 2 things, one, I needed to clean everything and two, I had run out of brush cleaner. For the record, I use MAC's brush cleaner at £8.50 a bottle.

A quick google later I headed to the kitchen armed with 3 things, my brushes, a bottle of olive oil and a bottle of washing up liquid. Needless to say, I will not be buying brush cleaner again! I can't believe i've been buying it when 2 products I always have in the house have cleaned my brushes effortlessly (if not better!) leaving them squeaky clean and soft. 

I hadn't planned on making this a post so I took some photos on my blackberry as I was going along!

Here's me cleaning my Beauty Blender sponge...

In a bowl mix together equal amounts of olive oil and washing up liquid. The washing up liquid will clean the makeup from your sponge and brushes and the olive oil will condition them. 

Swish the sponge or brush around as you normally would letting them absorb the mixture.

The makeup will quickly start to come off!

Rinse under luke warm water and squeeze out excess.

Ta-da! Clean as a whistle!

You don't need to make up new mixture for each brush, you'll be able to clean a lot of brushes from one lot but you'll know as and when you need to change it.

Now you've saved £8.50 you can put it to better use... like another lipstick! :-)


  1. Such a good idea, never thought these two products would work together! I use basic hand wash and warm water - that usually does the trick for me.


  2. I normally use one of the old, half used face wash that I have (aplenty) scattered around my bathroom but I will definitely try the olive oil trick to keep them soft. I definitely agree you should use the money saved to treat yourself to something nice!

  3. i was aways given the impression washing up liquid was drying for brushes but i guess with the oil it could work... hmmm may have to give it a go! i usually use loreal for kids shampoo! (leaves them smelling yummmmmmmy too!)

  4. It hasn't left them dry at all, nice and soft and was a dream to clean the makeup out of them! I'm very surprised myself! The oil leaves them conditioned but with no trace of oil residue where the washing up liquid cuts through. :-) X

  5. I never noticed how dirty brushes get until the actual color of the brushes are revealed haha

  6. This sounds great, must give it a go! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. I really need to try this! i normally use antibacterial handwash but it doesn't work that great, especially on foundation brushes x

  8. Trying this on saturday when i clean my brushes (finally) I'll let you know how I go :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. wow, thats amazing. I am definitely trying that next time my brushes need cleaning. x

  10. Oh wow, I'm going to try this right now!

  11. this completely ruined my brushes, never trying it again

    1. I'm not quite sure how this ruined your brushes as its a very common way of cleaning them. The washing up liquid cleans off make up residue and the olive oil conditions the brush bristles. I have used this consistently without any problem. Even if you used too much olive oil, this can be easily washed out with more washing up liquid.