DIY Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Hey Guys!

I've been meaning to get this post up since the weekend but have found myself slightly distracted by the abnormal 'summer in March' weather we've been having here at the moment!

I was intending to do a full photo tutorial on how to make a beaded bracelet but, once I started, I was finding it really tricky to be able to photograph each step in detail so you could actually work out clearly what I was doing. After taking about a million photos, I had to look at it and think, would I be able to follow this? The answer was no. I keep intending to try making some video tutorials, maybe this is the kick up the bum I need to do it!?

Anyway, I headed over to youtube and ended up finding a great video by DanniAndChels which explains and shows the process perfectly especially if you've never made one of these bracelets before. I've just subscribed to their channel as they have so many amazing DIY and beauty videos! I can't wait to work my way through them all! They also have a blog too!

How to make a beaded wrap bracelet by DanniAndChels

Here's a few photos of me making my one...

I got all my supplies in Hobbycraft, other than the silver buttons which I got in a huge bag from Etsy ages ago (I couldn't pick which one to use initially). I would say that the beads in HC are quite expensive so I would definitely look on eBay or Etsy for some, especially if you want to make the bracelet wrap around your wrist more than once.

If anyone knows of any good places to get beads, do drop me a comment! I am fully hooked on bracelet making now!

Lisa X


  1. Wow, thanks for this post, I am definitely going to try this out! ebay is probably the best place to get beads, there are so many on there!

  2. I used to have a bracelet like this but it broke and fell apart and I always wanted to fix it or make a new one but never knew how to go about doing it, so I'll definitely be having a go at this (: x

  3. Love it!!! :D The button you chose is really cute.

    Don't know if you already know about this website, but I've bought loads of beads from them over the years and they're pretty good! :D xx