The Cookie Chronicles

The baking continues.... 

I popped into my local sugarcraft shop and TK Maxx to pick up a few more supplies! I have to say, our Tk Maxx is so good for cooking/bakeware and I picked up a couple of rolling pins, a baking tray, icing tips (PME sizes 1, 2 & 3) and the most amazing sifter! The sugarcraft shop was a bit of a rip off to be honest, lesson learnt, eBay is MUCH cheaper! I also totally cheated this time around and bought a bag of ready made royal icing mix as they didn't sell meringue powder.

I got myself a new apron too, naturally it's got cakes on it!

First, I baked my cookies using SugarBelles recipe. Once they had cooled down I put them in a Tupperware box until the following day. I ate a few... had to be done. 

I've never iced cookies like this before and, let me tell you, it's a bit of a mission! Getting the icing consistency right is quite tricky and I ended up making a complete mess of the kitchen adding the colouring and trying to get it into the icing bottles! You can see the purple cookies I iced first don't look as good as the red ones which I did after. Piping a nice even circle is hard! 

I had to leave these to dry over night so the icing was fully set before I could try decorating them. I also had to resist the temptation to keep checking them by pushing my finger on the icing! 

And finally... I decorated the suckers! For a first attempt i'm pleased with how they turned out but I already know how to improve them the next time I make them. The key is to practice, practice and practice some more! Why am I bothering to do this this you may ask? Well... I've decided to go back to school! I've applied for a year course in general patisserie and confectionary as it's something I am absolutely in love with and I want to hopefully make a career out of! Fingers crossed, come September i'll be heading off to baker school but in the mean time, I'm trying to give myself a little head start and lets be honest, icing pretty cookies isn't such a bad way to spend an afternoon!

I would also like to point out, I have an actual blister on my finger from piping so much icing! I feel quite proud of myself! 

Lisa X


  1. WOW! They are beautiful :) Which college will you be attending? I was looking at going to Stantonbury Campus to do cake decorating. xx

  2. Wow! Those are too pretty to eat!x

  3. They are so beautiful. You are very talented and I wish you the best of luck with your cooking endevour :) xo

  4. These are amazing! You will definitely have no problem getting on a course if you can do them as good as these! (: I've never seen any decorated like these before, they're lovely xx

  5. @Victoria The course is at MK college, the Bletchley campus! You should so do the cake decoration one! Xx

    @Hayley Not in our house haha we've pretty much finished them all off!! X

    @Dora Thank you :-D X

    @life in the wendy house I hope so!!! :-) PS. Your contest prize is all packaged up and ready for the post office in the morning so you should have it by Wednesday! Xx

  6. the flower patterns you iced are so intricate, they look amazing! you have some serious skills :) good luck with your course, it sounds like it'll be loads of fun baking yummy food all day :D xx

  7. Ahh thats fab that youre going to the Bletchley campus.. I was looking into doing the cake course there but its £500! :O Its only £100 at Stantonbury! xx

  8. Bloody hell !!!!!! They look soooooo professional. You definitely have a natural talent for this. Flood icing is really difficult to master too! You will be the best in the class, come September, maybe we'll see you on telly in The Great British Bake Off?!! Fab! :D xx

  9. Congrats girl! That is sooo cool! I believe you will be great in school! You are so creative and talented! Can't wait to see more of the yummy cookies and other baked goods you have in store!

    Much love & Support for you!!


  10. Actually amazing. how did you do the feathery bits?!

  11. These look AMAZING! Wish I was this handy at baking!! x

  12. @Caroline Thanks chick! :-) I have to try not to keep eating the biscuits though or i'm gonna run into trouble! :-s hahaha!! X

    @Victoria WOW that's a huge difference in price! I might have to see if they do a course like the patisserie one cos that's £900!!! :-/ xx

    @The Pampered Sparrow I WANNA GO ON THE BAKE OFF! Hahaha! I'd be a right state!! lol!!! xx

    @Kendall Awwwwww thank you chick!!! It's a huge change for me so the support is much appreciated!!! Xxx

    @Belle du Brighton You do it with a little brush! It's actually not hard but I piped the shapes a bit dodge! So say you pipe a leaf shape, you get a little brush with some water and just make little strokes to feather it! xx

    @Simple Country Girl I messed up A LOT of them.... and ate the evidence hahah!!! ;-) X

  13. Your decorating is so neat and pretty. You've made me want to bake, and eat!


  14. Yay! It made me smile when I read you're going to baking school! I'm already thinking of how to get some goodies hehe. Amazing job on the cookies, art you can eat! Well done, Bravo, stay awesome ;)