A bloggy Follow Friday

I usually do the occasional follow friday on twitter (you can follow me HERE if you like!) but his week I thought I would share with you 5 blogs I love to read instead! (Usually in bed with a cup of tea!)


I also want to give an extra mention to Hello Cotton, my latest obsession and the first place I now go to discover new blogs. It's laid out beautifully for ease of use, and I enjoy spending time on the site browsing and following new people so do give it a look if you haven't already! I am compiling a list of recipes from the food blog section to set myself a personal chef challenge! I basically want to learn to cook better and it also help you get out of a food rut!

I feel like i've been quite on the blogging front this week, mainly due to having lots of bits and pieces to get done but i'm hoping to get a new tutorial up over the weekend and FINALLY upload my contest! Jeeze I have been SUCH a slacker!


Lisa X


  1. Lisa, you are too sweet! I got a few clicks from your adorable blog to mine. Thank you!!!! :)

  2. thanks for the link schmexy! I've had a lovely little parcel of fimo and bits arrive this week! so watch this space for my second rate versions of your amazing macaroon keyrings etc!xxxxx

  3. thank you for mentioning me hun! i'm sure you know how much i love your blog too :) xx