Better baking: Cookie Obsession

Ever since I had high tea at The Howard last year, I have lusted over 'too pretty to eat' cookies but never thought about trying to make them myself, they always seem to say 'you could never make me' and that not only frustrates me (even though I haven't even tried) but it scares me off for a while!

If you're in London and fancy something a bit different, I highly recommend the TLSee Afternoon Tea! We couldn't eat everything so they box it all up for you to take away and enjoy later! They also make THE BEST scones I have ever EVER tasted! Mmmmmm.

Anyway, last night I spent a good few hours on a website that excited me into cookie delirium and made me say 'Cookies that look too good to eat? YES. YOU. CAN!'

So let me introduce to you, the newest addition to my bookmarks bar,  the holy grail website for the cookie baker inside of you, the delicious Sweet Sugar Belle.

This site has it all! From sugar cookie recipes and how to bake the perfect cookie, to decorating tutorials  and a printable cookie decoration tool shopping list!

It really does hold your hand through what can seem a daunting, edible cookie world and, make you believe you could create this sort of perfection with a little time and effort. Naturally, I am now on a mission to become the perfect biscuiteer! Tonight will involve a little trip to Hobbycraft and my local sugar craft shop! I am giddy with excitement!

Along with amazing hints, tips and tutorials, there are also a few youtube videos which explain a couple of processes on icing your cookies. I have to say, after watching these, I wanted to get up at midnight and start baking! I have an insistent urge to 'flood ice' cookies!

You can also follow Sweet Sugar Belle on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Grab a cup of tea, get browsing and then get baking! Are you tempted to have a go too?

Lisa X


  1. I reckon a proper little afternoon tea would be a wonderful hen do type event? or is it too cliche, perhaps it should be sky diving and tank driving? (whilst eating cookies)

  2. i really like making cookies but i cant the hang of the flood icing bit =[ its always not level and is either too thick or too runny, and they just dont look as good as the ones on youtube, i wonder where im going wrong =[

  3. @Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) I know! Me too!! :-) x

    @Belle du Brighton Nooo it would be lovely! Cookies and cocktails FTW! Tank driving hahah! I strangely would love that! lol x

    @MissPenelope Maybe this will help? x

  4. i'd actually prefer race car driving, but tank would do as a second option!

  5. its a shame we cant just reach in, grab it, and munch it! thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Lovely cookies! I have a cup of tea right now! lol!

  7. haha you've given me the worst sugar cravings now!! it all looks far too delicious!