Where Do You Blog?

I saw this post on Gemma's blog and thought I'd show you my little blogging/DIY corner!

At the moment i'm still working on a small Ikea desk so I have to move my sewing machine off when I'm not using it. Once I can actually make my mind up what desk I want to buy/make then I can finally start getting the room finished off. The little desk is a pain the the backside.

I got my lamp recently (Ikea again!) for something like £15 which is a total bargain if you ask me! As you can see I keep all my pens, scissors etc. in an old mug (right classy!) and some threads and glitters in jars. If you saw the room behind where I sit, you would see the mess! Along with the new desk will come new shelves which are desperately needed at the moment!

And there you have it! Small & simple. 

Where do you blog? Send me a link in the comments as I would love to see!

Lisa X

PS. Like my calendar desktop wallpaper? Download if for free HERE!


  1. I envy your blogging area- I don't even have a desk! I will take a pic so you can see!

  2. Lol when I used to do a somewhat pathetic attempt at blogging, it was wherever I could find a spot to lay my laptop flat XD

  3. One of my favorite places to blog is sitting in bed! In fact, it is THE best place to blog!!! lol