Twit-Twooo! A Collection of Cute Owl Tutorials

I know a lot of you love owls so i've put together a little collection of tutorials from around the web that I think you might like! This was inspired by last night as I was kept awake by a particularly noisy feathered friend! I always find the sound a bit spooky! Good job they are so cute! 


I also got a package today of some carbachon's and flat back rhinestones for an upcoming tutorial AND the book i've been desperately waiting for! I finished reading Across the Universe by Beth Revis a few days ago on my iPad and A Million Suns is the just released follow up. It wasn't yet available on iBooks so I ordered it from Amazon. I can't wait to get stuck into this tonight!

Hope you all enjoyed Valentines day and happy Wednesday! 

Lisa X



  1. I love owls, so cute! Not the noise though... you're right...bit spooky *shudders* :D xx

  2. It really is a creepy noise! Even as an adult, when you hear it, it's like errrrr.......... :-s lol xx

  3. I love the cute owls in the window :)

  4. This is my favorite post of yours, did you know I was obsessed with making owls? Of course you did. xo

  5. the nails! the nails!!!!!!! trying this for sure!
    is 28 too old to paint nails on our owls?
    ALSO well done on the hello cotton front... I just signed up and BOOM there you iz!

  6. @Dora They are my favorite too! :-) x

    @Kendall Haha course I knew you loved the owl!!! :-D X

    @Belle du Brighton Pah! We are totally allowed owl nails at 28 and 29! I've been looking for a Hello Kitty tutorial for mine!! haha!! And thank you!!! I just subscribed to you on there! It's actually a lot easier to see posts than rubbish blogger!!! X

  7. Thank you for adding my (easy sew) owl tutorial!
    And I love the owl nail art! sow cute!!

  8. @BDDesigns And thank you for creating it! I'm definitely going to be making one! :-) X

  9. PS: Come enter the give-away on my blog! I want you to win so I can send you goodies in the mail!

    What are you waiting for?!