Spotlight Craft: Amigurumi

Japanese crafts have to be my absolute favorites and you'll be seeing a few featured over the coming weeks! I thought I would start with Amigurumi, (編みぐるみ) the japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals that has become increasingly popular over the last decade. 

As someone who absolutely sucks at crochet (remember my granny square disaster?) I find these frustratingly cute and I am tempted to bite the bullet and pick up the crochet hook to try again!

There is a plethora of free patterns and tutorials online on websites such as, Pinterest and a fantastic Tumblr All About Ami which is a great source for beginners. 

Youtube is also provides invaluable guidance and tutorials (like the one for this cute pencil!) and for pretty much every crochet problem under the sun! 

Of course there is also tons of books to buy (and you I know love a physical copy of something!) which will show you how to create everything from cute to the creepy!

Have you tried making amigurumi before or are you inspired to try it out? Do you have any tips to share? Leave a comment, i'd love to know!

Lisa X

Top photo: Pink cupcake bear by AmigurumiKingdom


  1. I might have been crocheting for 2 years before I tried amigurumi! Now it's all I seem to make lately haha

    A good tip is to leave long tails to weave on parts. The worst was being able to yack out limps by a light tug D:

    Crocheting in the backloops only will give you a longer piece.. it also gives it ridges/texture:

  2. Adorable! Do they have instructions on how to make owls? If so, I NEED to do this.

  3. Hi Kendall, has a free pattern for a cute owl:

    could this convince you? :D

    Thanks for the mention, Lisa.
    Greetings, Joke

  4. Great tips Crissy!! Thanks for that!!! :-) X

  5. I started off crocheting by doing amigurumi. It's very quick and simple and the best way to start crochet, well at least for me it was (it's basically circles). I have the Twinkie Chan book but I wouldn't call it a amigurumi book but its still a nice book to have in your collection.

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