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Some of you may remember I did a post back at the start of January when I first stumbled upon The Little Green box and fell in love with the beautiful pop up creations of the amazingly talented Shira. I've always loved everything pop up so her blog was like being able to browse in Aladdin's cave and it most definitely captured my imagination!

I know I wanted to find out more about her and delve into what inspired her enchanting work so, after dropping her an email, Shira kindly agreed to answer some of my questions AND, with just 4 days until Valentines day, Shira has also created the perfect DIY tutorial especially for everyone who reads this blog!

So lets get down to it and start with...

How long have you been making handmade cards and how did you get into it? We'd love to hear the story behind 'The Little Green Box'.
Ever since I was a little girl I've been obsessed with paper. I just love it! I'm the kind of "creepy" girl that you might find caressing cardstock and sketchbooks for hours at craft shops…

I started creating greeting cards about two years ago, and the "Little Green Box" was born short after. Starting the blog was my way of sharing my work and finding my place in a growing community of paper crafters here in Israel. I collect pop-up books, and soon enough I found myself making mainly pop up cards. In my opinion, pop-up is the best sort of magic - it's the kind of magic that only gets better when you know the trick!

I tend to switch hobbies quite often, and the rich world of pop-ups (or as it is sometimes called - "paper engineering") keeps me fascinated, always wanting to learn more. 

What inspires your creations?
I'm an architect, designer and a true DIY enthusiast, so I come across so many creative ideas every day, it's really hard to pick the most inspiring source... Looking at my favorite items, though, I think that in many cases the inspiration comes less from external sources and more from my own thoughts and dreams. Paper craft became my chance of telling little stories where anything can happen, bound by no rules or logic, as often kids do. I feel like anything created from that inner place is very honest and touching, which makes it beautiful. 

Have you got a favorite item you've made?
My very favorite items are the little pop-up books, like the one I called "Some days are special". These little books are always made for someone I love dearly, and I think it shows.

What are the tools of your trade?
My basic tools are a green cutting mat (it makes craft easy and clean, a real must!), a sharp knife, "Scotch" gel glue, a metal ruler and a bone folder. Oh, and lovely, lovely paper! I use these tools in every project, couldn't do fun pop ups without them. I love using a trimmer for cutting out the cards. It was the first tool I bought for this great hobby, and I recommend it to any paper-lover!

I usually don't buy a lot of ready-made decorations, like printed stickers and such. I prefer spending the money on tools and basic materials, and have the freedom to create whatever I need for every project.

What advice would you give for someone wanting to try out paper crafting and card making?
Get the basic tools, like a good knife, glue and cutting board, so you'll feel ready to tackle any challenge! Watch lots of tutorials on YouTube and make, make, make. If you could see the first cards I've made… They're embarrassing! In time my skills improved and my confidence grew. I'm still learning, every day.

My last tip is start blogging – even though my first few followers were only friends and family, it really motivated me to create. And now, two years (and quite a few followers) later, I have the honor of being hosted by the Glue Gun Girl (from across the globe) as a guest in her blog! It really does change the way you look at your work, and the best way of sharing the things you're proud of with the rest of the world.

And now let's hand over to Shira who'll show us how to make a winged pop up heart card!

[Click photo to download template]

For this card you're going to need:

Scissors/ Craft Knife
A ruler
Glue (I prefer gel glue)
A bone folder
Heavy weight cardstock

1) Cut out a 20x14 cm cardstock as your card base, score and fold in the middle.

2) Print the template and use it to cut the heart shape out of a heavy weight cardstock.

3) Score the heart in the middle to create a clean and precise fold.

4) Cut the two larger tabs from the template and score them along the dashed lines. It's best to have the tabs cut out from the same paper as the card base as they're less visible that way.

5) Glue the tabs onto each other as shown in the picture. Make sure not to glue the little "feet" at the end of the tab.

6) Apply glue to the 4 cm parts of the tabs.

7) Fold the heart shape so the back of the paper is on the inside (and the right side of the paper is outside). Glue the tabs to the middle of the heart.

8) Flip the heart inside out. We do it this way to make sure the heart will easily open to 180 degrees of loveliness ;)

9) Glue the base of the tabs (those little "feet") to the center of the card, making sure it fits snugly right on the crease.

10) Apply glue to one end of a tab (the other "foot"). While holding it down close to the heart, gently close the card. Let glue set for a few moments, and repeat with the other tab.

11) You'll end up with a basic table-top pop up heart. If you're in a rush to impress your special someone with a hearty Valentine's card – you can give it as it is! But I think the real magic in this card is in the wings :) So let's go on!

12) Using the template, cut out the little tabs and score the dashed lines with a bone folder.

13) Glue the "foot" and side of the first tab to the card, as shown.

14) Apply glue to the second "foot", and while holding it down close to the heart, gently close the card. Let glue set for a few moments, and repeat with the other tab.

15) Use the template to cut the little wings. Glue them on the little steps we've created, making sure that they're not peeking for the sides of the card when closed (just open and close the card while the wings' glue is setting, play with it until it fits perfectly).

16) You're done! Now you can decorate the outside of the card as you please. Happy Valentine's!!!

I want to say a H-U-G-E thank you to Shira for not only answering my questions but also creating this fabulous tutorial! Please make sure you check out her blog which is packed with more magical creations and exciting pop up tutorials! You won't be disappointed!

Shira's blog:

Hands up who's rushing out to swoon over pretty paper this weekend! *Raises hand*

Lisa X

PS. Shira, the little heart on your nail is SO cute!


  1. Lovely DIY & interview :)

  2. That is so neat! Checking out her blog NOW! Btw,forgive my ignorance, but what does the term "score" mean exactly? Is it folding? Thanks! <3

  3. It's like marking a line on the card and then folding it on that line rather to make it more precise :-) Glad you like this card! It's cute right! I can't get enough of pop up cards at the moment! Her blog is amazing! X