Rilakumma Polymer Clay Charm Tutorial

I've always loved the cute characters created by Sanrio & Sanrio-X and it's become increasingly popular to make these into charms using polymer clay. You can make them into keyrings like the macarons or just them on zips!

I thought I would make Rilakumma (Japanese for bear) as it's one of my favorites so here's a tutorial for a really simple bear head charm! I could be completely wrong but I assumed that Rilakumma in brown is male and Rilakumma in cream is female? I'm going to show you how to make the female one!

You'll need:

Polymer clay (Fimo Soft) in baby pink, white and cream
Black acrylic paint
A toothpick
Eye pin
2 black & 2 pink 2mm crystals (optional)

1) Start by rolling your cream clay into one 2cm oval shape and two 1/4 cm balls. This will form the head and ears.

2) Position the ears on top of your larger piece of clay to make your bear shape!

3) Take 2 small equal size balls of pink clay and flatten them onto your bears ears making sure they are not too thick or as large as your ear base.

4) Take a small piece of white clay and shape into a flat oval.

5) Stick this onto the center of your bear head and push an eye pin into the center of the head. Bake according to your clays instructions. My Fimo Soft goes in the oven at 110° for 30 minutes. Once baked, allow to cool.

6) Using a small blob of black acrylic  paint and a toothpick, paint on eyes and mouth and allow to dry. 

7) Alternatively, you could use 2 tiny flat back black crystals for the eyes and 2 pink ones for some little flushed cheeks! You can also repeat the exact same process in brown, yellow and white to make the male Rilakumma.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! Do you have a favorite Japanese character? Would you like to see more charm tutorials?

Lisa X 


  1. I love Rilakumma! What a awesome DIY!

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  2. I loveee Rilakumma! I am trying to get into making things with polymer clay too, I remember I wanted to make little charms years ago but I didn't have an oven haha, I hope it will work in my mini oven. I really love your blog by the way! x

  3. @Michelle Thank you! Glad you like it :-) X

    @Julie You can always buy air dry clay, I know a lot of people on youtube prefer to use them when making charms so no oven needed! :-) X

  4. Wow, I always thought of making anything out of polymer clay as hard! I just made some, it was so easy, and so cute! I took your idea and made other animals like hamsters and koalas. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. These are adorable. I never really thought to make a polymer clay charm for a zipper! Great stuff. This reminds me of high school because everyone loved this bear.

  6. Really cute...I'm going to try it soon...

  7. Hello,
    Thank you very much for this DIY. We have done 4 little charms today because of the rain. You can see it on my blog:
    It's a very great idea!