Kawaii Cakes & Baking

Nothing gets my heart racing like a disgustingly cute cake! These would almost break your heart to eat... although I think I would be able to get over that pretty quick and within moments be left with an empty plate! 

These beautiful creations make me want to take a night class in cake decoration although, making sugar flowers à la traditional wedding cakes isn't quite what i'm after! I want to make a hello kitty cake damn it!! 

I've had to resist posting too many photos because I want you to enjoy discovering them yourselves so wrap your eyes around these two blogs full of kawaii eye candy http://www.hawaiikawaii.net/ and http://kawaiifoods.com/ both created by Smultron, a student from Gothenburg, Sweden. 

I found links to these two recipes on her amazing blog... I NEED to make them! 

The pink velvet roulade cake from Sprinkle Bakes is just one of many amazing recipes and I just spotted she has a book coming out in May!! As technically, buying through Amazon doesn't break my Paypal ban... I am SO buying this!! *Happy dance*

Pre order HERE

I am now hungry. And frustrated. 


  1. Great selection! Especially love the watermelon cake


  2. I have to try making the watermelon cake! I also wish there was a Sanrio cafe in the UK! Just followed your blog, the SHOES!! WOW!! L.O.V.E. them!! :-)