I'm... a Bad Blogger!

I haven't blogged for 5 days! Shame on me! I have always prided myself on my multi-tasking abilities but it seems when you throw food into the mix, it all goes to pot!

I'm on a diet/fitness thing at the moment and the last week seems to have become one big blur. Clearly I have been so consumed by what i'm eating i've zoned out the world haha!

Totally my attitude towards exercise!

But i've been forcing myself to do it!

I won't bang on about all that but I will share a tumblr I came across and really enjoyed browsing through! (Yes alright Sean, I finally 'get' tumblr! haha!) http://healthandfitnesswithkate.tumblr.com/

Anyway! I have some new tutorials I need to get cracking with and I will also be holding a contest which i'm planning on getting up next Thursday as it'll be the 1st of MARCH! %^&*UH%$!! How did that go so quickly!?!

For lent, even though i'm not actually religious, i've decided to give up Paypal so no online shopping for 40 days! Naturally, that meant I had to have one last splurge today and ended up buying a couple of things from Topshop....

Hopefully I WILL get a new tutorial up tomorrow! 

Oh and finally...... it's PANCAKE DAY!! I'm totally allowing myself to have a couple with maple syrup & cream! I can't wait, my mum's are the best ever! Mmmm!!


  1. 40 days no paypal?!?! thats just crazy! x

  2. I know! The reality is starting to sink in now!!! lol!!!! :-/ x

  3. No PayPal for 40 days? Oh girl.. there's gunna be some t-r-o-u-b-l-e. Stand strong! And share your fitness tips- I too am trying to get healthier and loose some lbs!

  4. Oh no! LOL! The more I think about what i've agreed to the more i'm breaking into a sweat! I knew I should give up tomatoes! At least I don't even like them! Haha!!

    I'll do a little fitness post! Whoop! It'll be good to get some support cos when it comes to fitness I have a tendency to be be beyond lazy and make excuses but this time i've hit that point where you mean business!! Xx

  5. Lol you finally got yourself some pancakes! And those shoes!!! They're hot O_O. Lol I had to ban myself from ebay for a few weeks myself, im gonna clean out my account with all the goodies thats on there!

  6. I totally went all out on the pancakes! They were SOOOOO nice!!! I love the shoes, i'm just hoping they won't kill my feet, blisters are never a good look! Ebay is one of my vices too... i'm seriously avoiding even browsing on there while on my on ban or else i'll be angry and frustrated hahaha! X