DIY Studded Cross Tote Bag

Usually I plan out in advance exactly what i'm going to do for a tutorial, but, after realising i'd forgotten to pick up something for the one I initially planned on doing, today's one is literally a spur of the moment thing!  Even I wasn't sure what the end result was going to be like but actually i'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

So here's how to make an easy, diy studded cross tote bag, perfect for rolling up small and keeping in your handbag for when you pick up a few things at the supermarket! Much cooler than a Tesco bag fo' life ya hurrr!

I hope you like it!

Lisa X

You'll need:

A canvas tote bag (You can pick these up for about 50p each on eBay)
Pyramid studs
Fabric Pens

1) I started off messing around with the studs before deciding to go with a cross pattern. It's much better to decide beforehand what design you want to do because once you start studding, you will obviously be making holes in the fabric.

2) Push the studs through the fabric in the formation of the pattern above. In all honesty, pushing studs through thin fabric is quite fiddly to get them straight, so line them up as close to your previous stud as possible.

3) Close the back of the studs. 

4) Your cross will look like this!

5) Repeat over the tote bag with as many crosses as you want.

6) Pick a couple of coloured fabric pens and draw some random little triangles at different angles over the bag. Leave to dry for 5 minutes.

6) Place your bag on an ironing board and cover with a tea towel. with your iron on the cotton heat setting, run over your bag for about 30 seconds, this will seal your fabric pen design making it machine washable!

7) And you're done!


  1. ahhh, yet again, another brilliant make! :)xx

  2. AMAZINGG! :D you should think of selling! xo

  3. Wow love this! Such a great idea!

  4. this is such a great idea! I actually have some bags laying around that need a makeover..

    found the route

  5. Thanks girls! Glad you like it!! :-D X

  6. where did you buy the studs from?

  7. You can get the studs really cheap on ebay :-)