Calorie Free Cakes... Made of Felt!

One weekend a couple of years back, I bought some sheets of felt on a whim, and this, was the end result.

I couldn't stop sewing cakes. I was like a felt cake making machine! It's still one of my favorite felt projects to do though, admittedly I haven't made any for a while as i've become like a kid in a sweet shop jumping from different craft to craft, but I thought I would share a couple that got me started. 

Just give the image a click to be taken to a downloads page for each tutorial!

A quick google of felt tutorials will bring up a whole range of goodies you can make and of course, you can always watch my old video on how to make a felt doughnut! Felt sheets, stuffing and cottons are all pretty cheap so it's relatively inexpensive to make some amazing cuteness! 

PS. It hasn't gone unnoticed that I have a lot more new followers on here and twitter (YAYAYAY!!) so to celebrate, i've purchased a few things for a giveaway that will be up v.soon!! Thanks for being here! X


  1. Ahhh, I remember seeing this video 'all those years ago' and envied your felt cakes! I actually tried to make a doughnut back then but it didn't end up so great :/ xx

  2. yehh i remember the videos too! :) i think i made one too.. a cake that looked like it had icing and sprinkles :) xx

  3. hums impatiently xD. I'm a failure at sewing. But it's fun to watch you :)

    Oh yeah, stalker mode is ON lol

  4. These are so cute and look easy to do, I'd love to make them for my little girl. Thanks for posting!! :)