Book Review: Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine

I'm a huge fan of Hello Sandwich, an awesome blog run by Ebony Bizys which I discovered last year. Ebony is an Australian artist & graphic designer living in Shimokitazwa, Tokyo but previously she worked at Vogue Living as a senior designer before moving to Japan where she now runs amazing workshops, Hello Sandwich and has her work featured in the likes of Elle, Nylon and, wait for it, the Martha Stewart website!

I have always loved Japanese culture, with it's distinctive quirky style and Hello Sandwich not only encompasses that but writes in English! Huge bonus!

Just before Christmas I purchased the Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine, a 33 page PDF version of the 64 page printed version. This is my first time purchasing a PDF zine and I wasn't sure i'd like not having a physical copy in my hand but, actually, since this purchase, i've become a little hooked on them!

If you're looking for a traditional book like structure, this definitely doesn't follow that format with its cute handmade feel to the design that personally I find appealing. Imagine finding all the best bits as a jumble sale and scattering them on the floor so you can see them all, that's how I would describe this zine.

Ait is specifically about gift wrapping, you'll find some cute tutorials along with inspiration points showing you what else you could create. It's like Ebony passes you a ball of ideas and you get to run with it! There's a couple of guest tutorials as well as links to blogs and websites.

The tutorials are nicely laid out and a great picture/text ratio. They are all easy to follow and genuinely ideas that you would want to try yourself. I love that the ideas are a little left field from traditional wrapping.

I really do love this zine and I am very happy I purchased it. It may seem a little rough around the edges at first glance but I truly think there is a charm about it which enables you to have creative ideas of your own, more so than a standard craft book. 

Tutorials ★★★★
Practicality ★★★★★
Design & photography ★★★★
Overall ★★★★

You can purchased this zine in PDF format from Hello Sandwich by clicking HERE for the cost of $10.00 (Roughly £6.30)

PS. As i'm in London for the next couple of days i've scheduled this to post while i'm not at home! Fingers crossed that'll happen! How prepared am I! Go me! If I don't get back to your comments right away, you know why! X


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