Thank You Mr Postman

I didn't blog yesterday as I had a few bits and pieces to do i.e. package up a load of eBay stuff I sold recently (Doesn't that take so long to do?!) and, I have to say it felt quite weird! I've come to seriously love posting every day so although this one isn't anything special, I just wanted to share it anyway!

I received the first package today of some items for a couple of tutorials i'll be making over the weekend!

I'm just waiting on 2 other things that should arrive tomorrow, and I also have to make a quick stop at Hobbycraft! I can't stop looking at fabric at the moment, i've been inspired to dust off the sewing machine and get busy!

And lastly, I received an item I purchased (pre spending ban-ish) from Your Eyes Lie  and I am so happy with it! I've never seen this website before but while I was browsing Pinterest and looking at galaxy nail tutorials, this galaxy scarf happened to show up and I ended up buying it. Whoops. 

Now i'm not gonna lie, it was originally £35 and I couldn't bring myself to spend that much... but then I got emailed a discount code and that brought it down to £27 and I was like... I could buy it... and then I saw that they also offered free P&P so that did it for me and I purchased it. Now that it's arrive, I am so happy I did! I have to stop myself from looking at the website until after the spending ban as I briefly saw a few other things i'd want! 

Not that I am trying to be an enabler here, but if you sign up for the Your Eyes Lie newsletter you receive an email with a 10% discount code! Just saying.... haha!

Hope you are all looking forward to the weekend! I can't wait until cocktail'o'clock! What are you all up to? 

Lisa X


  1. I've never seen a print like that in my life. Good find!

  2. My bank balance might not agree, but I do lol! :-)