Share The Love: Sweet Verbena's DIY Pencil Pouch Tutorial

You know sometimes you come across a blog that's so good you read it all the way back to the very first post, follow it and then add it to your bookmarks bar just so you can keep clicking back to look at it in all it's bloggy glory...? That happened to me when I found the blog Sweet Verbena and when you find a gem, you gots' ta' share the loooooove!

So... firstly, meet my arch nemesis. All will become clear I promise.

This baby has scared the life out of me. I have dreamed of sitting down and being about to sew things but the thought has seemed too daunting. I also find it insanely frustrating if I have to read an instruction manual and can't just use something on my own. Basically a bad combination of pig headedness and being a bit of a sewing wimp. 

I did actually get a B in GCSE textiles, but it certainly wasn't for my practical work. We had to make a William Morris inspired waistcoat that my friend Elizabeth dubbed 'The Pork Chop' as the shape of the 2 front panels was nothing remotely waistcoatesque! If I remember rightly, there was one boy in our textiles class and the pair of us used to make him sew things for us! Haha!  

Anyway, I decided I wanted to learn to use my sewing machine and stop being scared of it and then, like a gift from the Gods, I happened upon the beautiful Katy's blog Sweet Verbena. 

She has a whole host of sewing tutorials on her blog as well as some other crafty bits and bobs and I love love LOVE it! I decided to bite the bullet and follow her tutorial for a DIY pencil pouch which incorporated my fear of sewing straight lines and adding a zip! Yep, I was going in!

Katy's tutorials are SO straight forward and easy to understand, I had absolutely no problems making the pouch, the hardest thing was working out what my zipper foot attachment looked like! Believe me, if I can make this without throwing the sewing machine out the window, then Katy has given hope to all us sewing novices! To try out the tutorial yourself, click the picture below! You can also follow Katy on Twitter and Facebook.

Here's some pictures of my first attempt at making my own pencil pouch! I got my felt and fabric from eBay seller Piglet's_Pincushion

Sewing a frickin' straight line baby!!

I. ADDED. A ZIP. ALL. ON. MY. OWN. !!!!!!! .

TA-DA! (I'm SO high fiving myself!)

Be warned, once you have made one of these you'll want to make more... and more... and MORE!

Go forth and sew!

Lisa X


  1. Amazing! I keep getting so many signs to buy a sewing machine... it has to happen!

  2. you should be OOBER proud of yourself!! xx

  3. that is sooo awesome!!! :)

  4. Yay! It turned out soo cute. Thanks so much for the shout out and all your kind words (:

  5. Very nice, and I love Katy's blog too! She is so inspiring!! All I gotta say, is keep up the sewing, you'll get better and better!! :)

  6. Great job! I saw those on Katy's blog! So what's the verdict on your sewing machine? No sew scary after all?! ;-)

  7. For some reason I can't get the reply feature to work on comments so excuse all my @ replies!

    @roza Glad you like it! :-)

    @Lissy YES! Get a sewing machine!! I love how I can now make one thing and I'm a total convert!!

    @PenguinsandCows I feel a little bit smug with myself haha! No one likes a bragger though do they :-s lol

    @Crissy I think I'm gonna end up making a bazillion!! :-)

    @Sora They are cute aren't they!

    @Katy Your tutorial ROCKED as does your blog!!

    @Wendy Katy's blog is my new addiction! As is sewing these now! I'll keep practicing and maybe I can try to make something else!

    @By a Thread Bags Nope 'not sew scary' after all haha! I need to just learn to control the speed I sew things as I tend to push the pedal too fast and turbo sew like an out of control maniac! Haha! ;-)

  8. not quite sure how to work a sewing machine but these are too cute to pass up. I normally make play dough for gifts to people but I would love to be able to make those!!:D awesome job.!