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I'm sure you've seen me mention this website many times but for those of you who haven't, it's definitely worth a post all of its own! This has to be one of my most visited sites, so of course it's time to share the love!

I am a complete blog design novice. I've always admired and been inspired by other peoples design skills and wished I could replicate them myself. Pugly Pixel is run by Katrina, a self confessed blog design enthusiast and the perfect place to learn some new design skills of your own!

Pugly Pixel offers a couple of beautiful, customizable blog layouts. Free. Amazing.

Along with the free blog layouts, Katrina has even put together amazing video tutorials on how to use and customize them! This sort of knowledge is invaluable and so generous for someone to provide. There is lots of tutorials on her YouTube puglypixeltv so I highly recommend you subscribe!

Pugly Pixel is also regularly updated with fantastic photoshop tutorials. Beautifully put together, well explained and again, such a lovely thing to be able to learn to do yourself. I'm learning to do things I never thought possible thanks to these tutorials.

The freebie section is utterly amazing, a bloggers treasure trove of goodies such as photo layouts, clip art and blog bling! 

As if the freebies weren't enough, there is also an 'Extras' section where for a mere $5 (Around £2.50) for 30 days, you can have access to a whole host of other goodies like photoshop brushes and pre made blog goods to download. I purchased this feature and I can honestly say I wasn't disappointed! I use one of the pre made photo layouts I got from here and I still have so many more bits and pieces to use as I indulge more in photoshop! 

I could spend all day raving about Pugly Pixel but, there is so much to discover, i'm going to leave you to explore for yourself!

You can also join Pugly Pixel on Facebook and Tumblr 


Lisa X


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