Green fingers are oh so cool

For the last year, if i've needed to don a pair of wellington boots, i've shoved on a pair I found in the greenhouse and traipsed around in them. The problem is they belonged to my mum so are a few sizes too big for me, meaning it's not acceptable to venture outside the garden in them unless I want to look like a bit of a prat. I've been intending to by myself a new pair of wellies for a while now and today was the day I finally picked a pair and pressed BUY. 

The ones I chose are by Joules and cost £36.95 + P&P but I found an equestrian seller on ebay and managed to get a pair for £35 inc. P&P. While am doing a little victory dance at my small saving, I also do think they are expensive but I have admired them for a while and i'll get a good few years use out of them. I will also point out, I was influenced by Sean as he encouraged me to buy them. Lets blame him. Done. I feel better now.

{You can buy these HERE}

The thing is, I won't be wearing these to a festival... oh no, i'm using them for something MUCH cooler than that kids.... these are my footwear of choice for my annual gardening escapades! I know, I know, you already thought I couldn't get anymore cooler than I am ready am and I just became f'in ICE COLD! (I am aware this statement alone shows me up for the loser I am! Ha!)

For the last couple of years I have been growing vegetables in the garden and it's become a little bit addictive. I've grown my own potatoes, courgettes, french beans, pumpkins, tomatoes, chilli peppers and, most unsuccessfully ONE mushroom. Yep, just one and it got eaten by bugs. Bastards. I also have a herb garden full of mints, basil, chives, rosemary, coriander and lemon balm. They are really easy to grow and even if you only have a small balcony or a windowsill you can keep yourself stocked with fresh herbs. 

I found a packet of purple carrot seeds that Elizabeth had bought me (which I had forgotten to plant last year) and I also bought a packet of Lumin (white) and Howden (orange) pumpkin seeds. Obviously it's too early to plant anything yet but I couldn't help myself!

We also have a second large patio area that we don't use so i'm planning on building some raised beds to plant up as the pumpkin plants take up a lot of space. 

I'm intending on doing a lot of DIY building this year it seems... could all end in tears!

Any of you lot planning on doing some growing this year? 

Lisa X


  1. Totally inspired. I think I might have to employ you to come and do my garden when I get a new place!

  2. YES! I will gladly take that role! And let's get you herbs for the kitchen!!!

  3. OMG purple carrots. I love purple and I love carrots. SO thrilling. I hate gardening in any shape or form though. When I get a house I will leave the garden to the boy, and he doesnt like gardening either. gonna patio that garden to death!
    The wellingtons are tres chic tho, also the picture underneath you reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors! (I was in a production of it.... feed me seymour!)

  4. I thought I hated gardening, until I made the food connection and then my inner fatty couldn't get plating quick enough! I have no interest in flower growing, just gimme potatoes!! lol!

    Purple carrots are indeed thrilling! Just hope I don't kill them! I also love purple and love carrots! Only uncooked though, can't eat them cooked!

    That pumpkin plant was like something out if Little Shop of Horrors! It was mahoosive! I wish my acting debut was in a production of that! Tres cool! I was a runner bean in the school play once. Sigh.

  5. Lisa, I think I want to be you! I swear a few months ago I was pricing up a greenhouse for when I can afford to move somewhere with a garden! Such an OAP hobby but growing your own must be so rewarding! The cute wellies make it much more acceptable haha

  6. @Lauren It totally is an OAP hobby! Them OAPS know how to have a good time, baking, growing veg, knitting! Hahah! Until you get a garden, plant up patio pots or grow herbs on the windowsill! I've been growing a lemon tree on ours for the past year from a seed in a Tesco lemon! I might have to wait 5 years for a lemon to actually grow though!! X

  7. That's pretty cool and sounds like loads of fun. Unfortunately for me, I live in the dessert, so what can be grown is limited :P