DIY Felt Heart Garland

I can't help myself, I love me a garland! Cheap and quick to make PLUS they can be draped just about anywhere! Of course, as the festive season of love is fast approaching, this one is valentines inspired but, if like me you're single, make one for yourself and pretty yo shiz up!

1) Cut a love heart out of felt making it as big or as small as you like (I made mine roughly 2x2 inches) and pin to another piece of felt, cut out and repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

2) Take a LONG length of wool, string or embroidery thread and sew one long stitch into what will be the back of your heart.  Remember to leave a long length before your first heart as this will be one end of your garland and useful for tying onto things!

3) Repeat this with all the love hearts, stringing them together.

4) Leave 2 long ends of thread and tie up, hang and decorate anywhere you wish! Over the fireplace, on the wall, above the bed or draped over a picture or mirror!


  1. This is so cute! And, quick to make too. I can see this with easter egg shapes and xmas trees also! Love it. :D xx

  2. Cheap, cute and quick! The best way to craft! And yes! You can make one for all the holidays! You can never have too many garlands I say! X

  3. Too cute... and gorgeous nail polish too!! ;) xx

  4. FYI my nail polish is Leighton Denny in So L.A. ;-) X

  5. okay so you may well be commissioned to make something along these lines too for my wedding. You have such amazing ideas! xx