Desktop calendar wallpaper: January

Hey loves!

I am still frickin' sick! I wear to God, this flu is never ending! I do feel loads better, although, i'm not fit to be seen in public quite yet and the coughing fits are less than attractive BUT... it's getting there! After this I am vowing to take better care of my immune system because, quite frankly, mine SUCKS! My mum used to work at the local first school so she is pretty much bionic when it comes to germs. I only have to be in a mile radius of one and i've got it. Boo.

Anyway, as today is the first day i've sort of felt like being a bit creative, I thought I would make myself, and share with you, a desktop wallpaper calendar. I'll put one up on the 1st of every month for the rest of the year! I know i'm a few days late with this, but here's Januarys for you.

Click the image to download for free!

At least i've also been able to use this time to get together a list of upcoming tutorials including some valentines goodies so fingers crossed, come Monday I should be back to full force! 

Enjoy your weekend!

Lisa X


  1. This is pretty! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Man this is such a good idea, it's even beaten my previous ryan gosling desktop picture! x

  3. Glad you like Laura! :-) This replaced Ian Somerhalder in a santa hat on mine lol! Swoon!! X

  4. Thanks for sharing and I do hope you get better soon!:)