Craft Room Organisation & Cute Storage

I was talking to the lovely Lauren from Penguins and Cows earlier today on Twitter, and she wondered if I could do a craft organisation post, so here it is!

Once you have the basics, like a set of shelves or a desk (These can always be picked up cheaply in IKEA or your local charity furniture shops!) then you can organise all your bits and bobs using beautiful tins, baskets and boxes. 

Here's a few of my favorites from around the web and if you live close to a TKMaxx, you should always check in their homeware section as they have loads of gorgeous boxes and wicker baskets for cheap! All this browsing is making me itching to buy but i'm trying to save for a new camera and keep having to slap myself on the wrist when I got to press BUY. 

When I was in IKEA the other day, the famous wooden storage boxes were back after about a year of being out of action! I actually made quite a loud "OOOH MYYY GOOOOOOD" with excitement when I saw them AND the best bit is they now come pre-made now, so having to hammer in a million little nails! Bonus! 

1) Storage Basket £17.95 - Graham & Green
2) Set of 3 Victorian Tins £17.80 - This Is Pretty
3) Sharpener Desk Tidy £18.00 - Graham & Green
4) Vintage Box Files - From £18.95 - Graham & Green

5) MOPPE Mini Chest (YES THEY ARE BACK!) £16.99 - IKEA
6) Pantone Storage Tins £16.00 - Found Home Store
7) Heal's House Black Storage Boxes From £8.00 - Heal's
8) Babushka Magazine Folder £7.50 - Paperchase

9) Orla Kiely Storage From £14.00 - Heal's
10) Antique Style Wooden Washi Tape Storage - Craftumi 

ALSO - The beautiful Roza did a feature on me on her amazing blog A Little Bit of Roza which I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read and browse! You can check out my feature {HERE}! Once again, thank you so much for asking me to be on your blog Roza! X


  1. THOSE DRAWS FROM IKEA ARE BACK?! I'm sure I first found out they were discontinued after watching one of your videos and remember thinking that was sad because they seem to be in EVERYONE'S bedrooms! Mine have travelled from room to room and I just repaint them!
    Awww, thank you for your lovely words & to be honest, I'M the one that should be thanking you! :)

  2. YES! THEY ARE FRICKIN' BACK! I don't even need another set yet I am going to end up buying some because they are so damn handy!! I can't understand why they stopped making them in the first place cos every makeup lover had some! Silly Ikea! No need to thank me! I loved doing it! :-) Xx

  3. i did not know this information about the ikea boxes!! oh me oh my!! How does this make me so excited as well? ha..

    lovely post! thanks xx

  4. Them boxes rock!! I also don't know how a little set of wooden draws can stir up so much excitement but they do!! Haha!! X